Meerkat Garden Scene Birthday Cake.

After being off work for a week and having a week filled with birthday fun it was back to reality with a bang!  Back to work on Monday and straight into it with a decorated cake that had to be finished for Tuesday night and a none-decorated cake for work on the Wednesday.  These are the first of 6 cakes/baking I need to do this week – busy week ahead!!  I was super organised though as I had foreseen this busy period and on Sunday night I took some time out to put together a weekly timetable.  This timetable detailed what I needed to do for whom, when it was due by and what evenings I had to do things.  The timetable included – 8 cards to make, 6 presents to make, 6 cakes to make and various other boring house stuff e.g. car insurance and booking in a gas test for the fire!

The week started off well and I worked super hard Monday and Tuesday to ensure I kept to the timetable.  The main focus of these 2 days was a garden themed cake for my brother in law’s – soon to be mum in law!  I have visited Anna’s house and their garden is gorgeous, it is full of plants, trees, shrubs and Meerkats as Anna has a bit of a collection of Meerkats and they look fab.

Having never made a Meerkat before I wasn’t really sure how to go about it, we didn’t cover them in cake class!    It was about 11pm Monday night and I was flagging but really needed to get the Meerkats made before bed so I enlisted the help of my amazing husband.  We made 2 Meerkats each which ended up being plenty as we only used 2 on the cake in the end.  I am not sure how much they look like real Meerkats but fingers crossed Anna will be able to tell what they are!

I really enjoyed doing the garden scene as it involved lots of colour and some grass piping.  It is rather time-consuming doing cakes like this with lots of detail.  Originally I had more of a wild garden look in mind, with taller plants and grasses but to do this I would have required a lot more time and unfortunately I just didn’t have it.

Happy Birthday Anna.  Hope you had a lovely day.

6 thoughts on “Meerkat Garden Scene Birthday Cake.

  1. Rach this is unreal!!!!! I think this is one of my fave cakes. It’s amazing!!!!! I love it. Brilliant work. The meerkats are well cute. Great work 🙂 x x

    1. Thanks lots. It didnt turn out as I had originally planned as didnt have the time but the flowers do look fab 🙂 Thanks for a fab day too I had a lovely time and I am loving wearing my new clothes!!xx

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