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Hours of Fun Home September 25, 2011


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All my craft and cake adventures as I love crafting and have an addiction to cake decorating!

I have an online shop and appear at craft fairs, selling lots of fantastic crafts, kits, needles, threads, buttons, ribbons and much more.



4 Responses to “Hours of Fun Home”

  1. Gaz Says:

    Hi mate, sign me up

  2. Chris Says:

    put all Craft Fair dates in my phone so should get to one or more!!!
    hope online shop doing well
    love Mum xx

    • Rachel Says:

      Did you spot one of the fairs is on Dad’s birthday – it is part of my birthday present to him! It is the one in Blackpool. We will be up in Morecambe on the Saturday to deliver a wedding cake. Will call for a natter tomorrow x

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