Louise ad Emlyn’s wedding cake 4 tier wonky purple, silver and ivory

When we heard the exciting news about our friends tying the knot we knew a fantastic cake was to be created for their special day.  We sat with the happy couple and went through some ideas with them to gain an insight into would like.  The decision was made to make a wonky cake (also known as a mad hatter cake, tospy turvy cake or asymmetrical cake).

I was a little nervous about this as I had not done a wonky cake as a wedding cake before and the idea of making a wonky cake look wedding cake perfect seemed a challenge, however I was working with my cake partner in crime Lou Lou and I had great faith that she could carry us through this challenge.

We had the style sorted, colour scheme as purple, silver and ivory, our friend Chris was making a fimo bride and groom along with fimo models of their cats as a surprise and we were having petal paste flowers – the plan was in place.

I headed over to Lou Lou’s house with the petal paste flowers, where she had baked the cakes all ready for decorating and we got to work icing and decorating the cake.  It took us two evenings to get the cake finished and it all went fairly smoothly.  We work really well as a team, getting on with things, talking things through when needed, keeping on top of the cleaning and mainly having fun.  By the end of the first night we had a clean kitchen along with a cake all iced and stacked ready for the detail.  The second night we had Chris with us as he had finished the fimo characters and they were ready for the cake.  We set to decorating the cake, added the bride, groom, cats and flowers to get an idea of the finished piece and then stepped away happy with our creation.

The cake was set up at the wedding in time for the wedding breakfast as a surprise as they were not expecting it to be set up until the evening do.  The cake looked amazing and the happy couple loved it.  Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Jones, we had such a fantastic day and wish you years of happiness and laughter together.  Thanks for letting us make your wedding cake we had a lot of fun!

4 tier wonky wedding cake
4 tier wonky wedding cake
<img class="size-medium wp-image-5287" alt="Handmade flowerpaste flowers & Fimo bride and groom " src="http://www.hoursoffun.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/tier-wonky-wedding-cake-purple-silver-and-ivory-1-300×195.jpg" width="300" height=" Handmade flowerpaste flowers & Fimo bride and groom
Handmade fimo cat
Handmade fimo cat
Handmade cat & flowers
Handmade cat & flowers


The top tier was lemon which we placed in a box and gave to the bride and groom to take home and enjoy.  The second tier was chocolate, then lemon, with the bottom tier vanilla.  The flowers we white roses and purple lisianthus made from edible petal paste.  I had never made lisianthus before and I am now proud to add them to my flower collection.

Wonky cakes – tricky and costly but they do look awesome!

Wonky cake number 3 was on and this time I got to use Lou Lou’s new wonky tins which would mean less waste from having to shape the cake and hopefully reduce the number of cakes baked.

The tins are fab, the only down side is they have straight sides.  It would be good if they had slightly slopped sides as this provides the full wonky cake, mad hatter cake or a-symmetrical cake look – it has many names!!  They do produce a crisp clean edge to the top of the cake as no carving is required here once the cake is turned out from the tin.

I only needed to bake 2 cakes; 1 of each size although they were still pretty big cakes as the tins are rather deep.  I needed to shape them around the sides and flatten one end, then cut the section out of the bottom tier.  This is where the top-tier sits allowing it to sit on a flat surface.

This still produced a substantial amount of wasted cake and takes time to ensure a smooth surface is left after carving.  It was then buttercream and icing time.  The new frosting I am using is fab for giving it a neat finish around the outside ready for the icing.  The bottom tier required 2 layers of icing.  One in plain white to provide a surface more suitable for applying stripes as the buttercream seeps through if you lay the stripes directly on the cake.

The top-tier was then decorated, only 1 layer of icing was required this time.  It then gets placed onto the bottom tier and hey presto the cake is created.

The mask on the top of the cake was made out of petal paste and dried over a curved piece of card to give it a nice shape.  The feathers can be purchase from cake shops although they are not cheap.  I headed to a haberdashery shop where they were much better value, so I now have then on my list of items required in Hours of Fun as I was shocked by the cost of them!!

After completing my 3rd wonky cake I am still not sure how I feel about them.  They are rather involved and take time to put together, they require large cakes as they are deeper and you have to waste cake which never feels good!  They need strong boards, ridiculously big cake boxes and lots of icing.  They are definitely not cheap to make and do require extra time working on them, maybe with more practice I could get the technique down to a fine art and whip them up in no time!!