Cake fun – although not enough hours in the day!

The week before last I had two cakes to make just for fun.  One was for my fantastic brother’s 40th birthday, although I don’t think I have quite accepted that my brother is now 40!  The other cake was to celebrate the arrival of our 3rd niece Anastasia.  We now have three amazing nieces and three amazing nephews and are very lucky to be their Aunty and Uncle.  My brother and Anastasia share the same birthday which makes this day doubly special.

I had the sofa cake due this week along with some jobs to do for my craft business, some cuddling to fit in with Anastasia and towards the end of the week my throat started to feel a little raw so I was on a mission to get to bed early and not get poorly as I had Cake International on the Saturday and did not want to be unwell for that.  This meant time was limited and I ended up having to make sacrifices on the cakes I was making for fun.  This can be frustrating but I find I have to roll with it and not let it bother me and be happy with the cakes I make. I also know my friends and family love the cakes I make for them and would never know things were missing or sacrificed if it wasn’t for me telling them!!!

For my brother I wanted to do something related to outdoor sports as Matthew loves climbing, water sports and anything outdoor with a touch of extreme!  We decided on a climbing wall and sought inspiration from the internet from cakes by others.  The cake was a lot of fun to make.  I baked a vanilla 6″ square cake and a vanilla 8″ square cake, stacked them up with layers of banana buttercream and then carved the shape, making it up as I went along whilst trying to keep as much cake as possible.

My sacrifice for this cake was that I didn’t have the time to model my brother climbing up the wall which would have been the perfect finishing touch to the cake.  I was hoping I may be able to pick something up at the cake show but we didn’t see any modelled figures available to purchase.

Rocking climbing
Rock climbing

The second cake to celebrate the arrival of Anastasia had to be a teddy bear cake.  This was only my second attempt at the teddy bear cake since getting the tin as a present at Christmas from my mum and dad.  I couldn’t find any notes on what size recipe I had used last time so I guessed at an 8″ round however this was not enough and I have since written on the instructions to try an 8″ square next time.  Sadly this teddy bear ended up with only half a paw and some of its bottom missing!

On the instructions for the Wilton tin they have lots of different versions of the bear that you can make including a baby bear wearing a nappy with a rattle and it is super cute.  This was the plan however time ran out and I ended up having to stop once I had covered it in piped buttercream.  I was sad about this but there was nothing I could do about it and the bear still looked cute!  This cake was a lemon sponge with chocolate buttercream – I actually didn’t mean to do this combination I must ask them how it tasted!

I just need another excuse now to bake a bear cake 1. to get the recipe amount right, 2. to pop it in a nappy with a rattle!

Teddy Bear Cake
Teddy Bear Cake