Exploring gluten free sponge cake recipes then we get to eat them too yeay!

I am doing a wedding cake in a few weeks which includes a gluten-free sponge layer as part of the tiered cake.  I have made a couple of gluten-free cakes before but I had not made one for a while and hadn’t really explored recipes.  I also wanted to learn a bit more about a gluten-free diet and coeliac disease to understand more about the symptoms and causes.  This would help me take every step necessary to ensure my gluten-free cakes are actually gluten-free!

This also meant that I needed to bake cakes that we could then eat yeay!  This doesn’t happen very often as the cakes I make are often for others so getting some all depends on being in the right place at the right time!!  So off I ventured on a gluten-free exploration.

I found a number of recipes – most of which were very similar using plain flour or self-raising flour, all gluten-free.  One of the recipes included rice flour and tapioca flour, along with xanthan gum and mayonnaise – this was something totally new.  unfortunately I have been unable to source any tapioca flour in Liverpool – if anyone knows where I can pick some up please let me know.  I don’t really want to order it online and so I have added it to the ‘things to get list’ and will keep my ears and eyes open for some.

I didn’t take pictures of all the cakes and also didn’t decorate them other than maybe a sprinkle of icing sugar.

The first cake tasted delicious but the bottom feel apart when i took it out the tin.  This occurred for 2 reasons – I didn’t use a layer of grease proof paper to line the bottom of the tin and I tried to take it out the tin before it had cooled a little.

The rest of the gluten-free baking went fab.  The cakes turned out the tin nicely, tasted lovely and I picked out my favourite recipe.  It produced a light cake with a slight crumble to its texture when pieces were cut from it.  This gluten-free recipe does produce a different type of sponge cake to my normal recipe, but it is just a delicious and easy to make.  When using it as part of a tiered cake it is definitely worth baring in mind that a gluten-free sponge like this does not hold the same strength as a sponge containing gluten, so make sure you are not putting too much weight on top of it.

Gluten free sponge cake recipe

225g Caster sugar

225g Margarine

3 drops of vanilla extract

3 eggs

225g Self raising flour

1 1/2 tsp baking powder – ensure it is gluten-free and made with maize starch.

4 tbsp milk

Cream the sugar and margarine, then beat in the egg and vanilla.  Next fold in the flour and baking powder and beat.  Finally beat in the milk.  Cook in an oven heated to 170 degrees C for about 15 mins if splitting across 2 shallow 8″ tins, or about 40 mins at 160 degrees C if all in one deep 6″ tin.