Homemade wedding cake for my best friend’s little brother.

When I was at school and first met my friend Kelly we went on some amazing holidays with her family as they were kind enough to take me along.  We stayed in caravans in Cornwall and up in Scotland and stopped at lots of Little Chefs for food on our travels.  With the travelling this also meant we spent a lot of time in the car with Kelly, her brother Russell and me sat on the back seat.  We had so much fun on these holidays and Russell wasnt too annoying for a little brother and we kept him in line!

When Kelly told me the news Russell was getting married and also would be a father a couple of months before the big day I was extremely happy for him but also stunned! Surely Russell wasnt old enough to be getting married and having children, he was only 8 in my head!!  I find that when friend’s little siblings reach the age of 18, 21 and older, it freaks me out more than anything else does on age and growing older.

I met with them to talk through the cake ideas and they had a picture of a cake they really liked.  It was a pleasure meeting Nicola, Russell’s wife to be at the time and to see Russell all grown up and settled in his life.

Their wedding was on Monday and the sunshine was out for them – yeay!  The venue looked gorgeous and we saw the bride looking very calm and relaxed about her big day, I also got to have a peak at her dress hung up in her room, it was amazing.  The cake was set up and we left them to continue getting ready.


The cake was a 4 tier sponge wedding cake.

Bottom tier  – vanilla sponge with buttercream,

2nd tier – chocolate sponge with chocolate frosting,

3rd and top tier – gluten-free vanilla sponge cake with buttercream.

I also did an additional fruit cake which was not put on display.  I had concerns about the strength of the gluten-free cake and whether they could hold a fruit cake, so I choose to make a top tier gluten-free and I gave the hotel a display box to put it in so the bride and groom could take it home with them as a little gift.

The decoration was simple and elegant and I really enjoyed making the cake.  I need to explore ways of making my individual cakes as flat as possible on the top to ensure a strong and straight stacking of cakes – I may need to purchase a spirit level to add to my cake kit.

I hope the new Mr and Mrs Horrocks had an extra special day and I hope Kelly had a fantastic day looking gorgeous as bridesmaid.

Congratulations xxx