Elegant 4 tier wedding cake with dusty pink roses

I have been lucky enough to make quite a few wedding cakes this year for friends and family, and the last one of the year was for Mikey and Nicola’s wedding reception.  They were married in Jamaica and then stayed there for their honeymoon which included a visit from Hurricane Sandy!    They had then organised a spectacular wedding reception/evening do for all their family and friends to come along to and join in their celebrations once they were home.

One thing I love about making people’s wedding cakes is that I get a back stage pass to some of the organising.  I often get to know about the colour schemes, decoration and if doing a bride and groom topper I get to see the dress and suit as well.  I also get to see the room(s) all ready when we arrive to set up the cake.  Some may see this as spoilers and not want to know but I love it!

Nicola knew what she wanted with regards the cake which is fab for me as she had even provided a picture.  We chatted about colours and layout etc and agreed the cake they wanted.

It would be a 4 tier ivory cake with dusty pink roses cascading down the tiers with minimal additional detail other than some piping around the base of each tier.  I got to make more flowers YEAY!  I love making roses too as they are rather therapeutic and you can build them up to any size you want by adding more layers or less layers. 

 Homemade cakes wedding cakes ivory, pink and 4 tiers

It takes me about an hour to sit and do each stage of the flowers and following completion of each stage they are then left to dry for 24 hours.  I made my plan for the 2 weeks leading up to the big day and got organised.

I may be getting a little too comfortable with wedding cakes now as I designed my do to list with quite a bit to do the Friday before the big day.  I had my amazing husband in the kitchen as assistant and we got to work with buttercream and icing, however it did not get off to a good start.  Everything seemed to be surrounded in slight chaos.  We had to re-roll the icing, re-ice a cake, on opening the icing sugar we were covered in an icing sugar bomb, the chocolate frosting was too hard to spread over the cake and the kitchen looked like a bomb had hit it!!  This is to name only a few of the kitchen activities that were going wrong!  We needed to step away!  We took a little break, stepped away from the chaos and returned only when we had a plan.  Plan B was then implemented!  We cleared the whole kitchen, tidying up everything, cleaned up all traces of chocolate buttercream that had managed to get everywhere and started afresh!  This time we started with the vanilla cake as when doing different flavoured cakes you should always leave chocolate till last as it makes a mess, stains the white or ivory icing and gets everywhere!

Plan B went super and it wasn’t even that late a night when we finished.  The cake and flowers were packed up along with the travelling cake kit.

On arrival at the venue we had construction of the cake tiers to do then some piping.   This was a new experience for me as I have not had to do anything more than a bit of construction on site before, I was a tad nervous!  It all went well and the cake looked fab.  I had used a spirit level to get it all even, however when we came back in for the evening do the staff had moved the cake so my spirit level work was wasted! 

Note for future cakes

  • don’t get cocky and leave too much for the night before
  • Speak to the venue about movement of the cake before using the spirit level!

Congratulation to the new Mr and Mrs Clifford.  We wish you a long life full of happiness and love together and we hope you loved your cake J