Catching up on 2015 cakes – next up scooters and record players

I was asked to make 2 cakes for a special person turning 60.  They were having a weekend away with family and a party – of which both occasions needed a cake!

The theme we went for was the birthday boy’s scooter, his pride and joy he had bought a couple of years ago.

Cake number 1 was a round 8″ chocolate sponge cake covered in white icing.   It had a scarf draped around it in the Everton colours and a model of the scooter and the birthday boy on top.  The scooter was made from ready roll icing mixed with Tylo powder to strengthen it and it had a few lolly pop sticks in it to help it stay stood up.

I have since heard from the birthday boy that he placed the model of himself on top of the scooter and has kept them in a box with all the cake toppers taken from his son’s birthday cakes – they must have quite a random selection in this box including Mike the Knight, Darth Vader and George on a scooter!!

Georges 60th cake 1 scooter and george everton colours

The second cake was for the party and more cake was needed so we went for 2 tiers of chocolate sponge cake, one 10″ square and one 8″ square.

The bottom tier was decorated as a Union Jack flag – this was the only section of the cake that was allowed to have red on it, as the birthday boy is a fanatic Everton fan so it’s blue all the way for him!

The top tier was decorated to look like a record player and we had one of his favourite records playing – Play that funky music.  The arm for the needle was made from a GBS Chocolate mint stick, these are similar to Matchmakers but are smooth on the outside and 1 stick was the perfect size for the record player.

Happy Birthday George – hope you have finally recovered from all the celebrations!!


60th birthday mod record player union jack cake (1)

My new amazing star shaped cake tin used to make an Olympic Star Flag!

Lou Lou bought me an amazing gift – a star-shaped cake tin.  It is amazing and out of this world!!

She presented it to me whilst we were on camp the other weekend and I was keen to test it out.  If I had thought on we could have baked a cake in it at Chris’ house whilst camping – we had a posh campsite with fab facilities!

I was in work the following Tuesday and we were order sandwiches for a leaving presentation, this would give me the perfect opportunity to bake a cake in my new tin , so I offered to bring desert.

The cake tin is brilliant and produces the perfect star-shaped cake.  I left the cake un-iced, I just sprinkled with icing sugar and filled it with vanilla frosting.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to eat any but I was told it was delicious yeay!

I had another cake to do for my sister’s birthday and as soon as I got my new tin I knew Kirsty would be getting a star-shaped birthday cake!  I couldn’t come up with a theme for the decoration and I wasnt sure about covering it with fondant icing.  I anticipate this not to be an easy job and didn’t have any icing in the cupboard at the time so used that as my excuse!  Lou Lou was keen for me to get on piping, as the tin came with a picture of a star-shaped cake with piped icing decoration.

With the new frosting I have it makes it much easier for filling cakes and for piping and the frosting is ready to go.  I decided to embrace the piping and see what happened!  My sister has been loving the Olympics and is addicted to watching it, as am I, so I decided to do a Union Jack flag design.

I was happy with the way it turned out and loved the star-shaped cake, I didn’t however love doing the piping.  There is still no love lost between piping and I however I am proud to have given it a go!

The shade of the colours didn’t quite turn out as I had hoped but you could tell it was red, white and blue so it was all ok!