Trolls and teddy bears


Fabulously bright and colourful teddy bear’s picnic cake for a 40th birthday, although no mention of 40 on the cake which made the birthday girl very happy!!

The family of bears were made out of Fimo so they could be kept forever and put on display alongside an impressive bear collection.  The bears were made to represent the birthday girl’s family.  The picnic was all made from fondant and all edible.


This was a 10″ vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream filling.

Teddy bear's picnic
Teddy bear’s picnic

teddy bears picnic cake for Ruth (3)


This Poppy the Troll cake was made from a tall 6″ round chocolate sponge cake with chocolate buttercream filling.  Poppy was made from homemade rice crispie marshmellow treats and covered in fondant.


Poppy the troll
Poppy the troll

Teddy Bear cake tin – the first birthday cake using my new tin

One of the 5 fantastic new cake tins I got for Christmas was a Wilton 3D teddy bear cake tin from my Mum and Dad.  This was the first of its kind as I have never had or tried a 3D baking tin before this.

I had my gorgeous Niece and Nephew’s birthday celebrations coming up only a couple of weekends after Christmas, perfect for testing the new cake tin out.  I wanted to pipe the cake as I am not even sure if it is possible to cover it in rolled icing, maybe I will try this at some point!  This meant I needed to further embrace the world of piping and I bought piping bags and a set of nozzles to encourage the passion.

The cake tin has to be put together using clips, turned up side down, placed on a baking tin then filled with cake mixture.  You then place the central core in the middle of the mixture and fill it with mixture and bake. So far so good!

The teddy bear cake came out of the tin with ease and looked fab, you could see all the detail.  I then pipped chocolate frosting all over the teddy bear using a large grass nozzle.

3d Teddy bear cake for edie and luke age 5 birthday

The birthday girl and boy loved the cake and it was a fun challenge working out how to cut it.

Here’s to many more Teddy Bear cakes and lots of 3D cake tins!!