Handmade cards – lots of fun to do and much cheaper than heading to the card shop

I haven’t provided an update on homemade cards for a while so I decided it was time to share some pictures of the cards handmade so far this year.  You can make a card for any occasion – birthday, anniversary, good luck, congratulations and much more.  If you like to have a verse in the card but are not very good at coming up with them yourself you can use the internet to search for ideas and verses you can then copy into your card.  If you struggle to get going with ideas for the front of your card again using the internet is a fantastic way to gather some ideas and designs and you can always purchase a card making book which will take you through lots of different designs and techniques you can use.

Below is a gallery of cards I have made using all different techniques – layering, simple pen work, glitter sprinkling (I actually used sugar instead of glitter as it was to celebrate my 6th wedding anniversary and sugar is a representation for that year!), cutting out shapes to create pictures and designs, patterned paper and much more.

Homemade bunting – made to order any colour, design or theme

We have made lots of bunting to order whether it be green and white congratulations bunting, pink and purple butterfly bunting or square flagged minecraft bunting.  We made lots of Christmas bunting with super cute reindeer on and gold bells.

Hours of Fun can design and make the perfect bunting for your room or occasion. We can personalise the bunting with names or messages and make it extra-long or to fit a particular length.
Our standard bunting it approximately 12 flags which equals a length of approximately 2 metres (sometimes varies slightly depending on the design). It can be single sided bunting or double-sided and comes with hoops at each end ready for easy display.
The bunting can be made from material or thick paper/card, with embellishments made from material, felt, buttons, ribbons and much more.

Why not order a matching lampshade to go with the bunting for the perfect gift idea.


Oliver’s Superhero birthday cake – Superman, Spiderman, X-Men, Thor, Ironman, Batman, Captain America, Avengers and The Hulk

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My nephew was having a super hero party for his 5th birthday.  He loves all super heroes goodies and baddies and he is being educated well by his Uncle and others to learn all about them.  He loves watching The Hulk on Kev’s phone and can spend hours around the house being The Hulk or Superman and he has an impressive Super Hero costume collection that it growing and growing!

He had mentioned to his Dad he would quite like a Thor Hammer cake, however I had concerns that the hammer cake would not be big enough to feed everyone as he was having friends round for a bouncy castle party and the adults are always keen to have cake too.

I was off skiing and would be away for the party so I had to be super organised and make sure the cake was all done and ready to go before I jetted off.  Due to time restraints I got straight on the phone to Carol at Baby Cakes and Roses (click here to visit her shop) and ordered some edible printing on fondant of all the different superhero badges and emblems.  This would add a special effect to the cake and be quick to place on the cake.

<img class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-4287" alt="Olivers 5th birthday cake superheros with thor hammer (7)" src="http://www.hoursoffun.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Olivers-5th-birthday-cake-superheros-with-thor-hammer-7-219×300.jpg" wid


The Hammer head was made from cake covered in icing, the hammer handle was made from card and wrapped in brown material.  I realised I would struggle to make the handle out of anything I had in the baking cupboard so I headed upstairs to the craft room and found card and brown material that looked fab and gave the effect I wanted.

The cake was chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream filing.

HULK SMASH!! Birthday cake with a big green raging monster!

‘Hulk Smash’ is up there as one of our favourite sayings from our nephew; Oliver.   My husband has been working hard to get Oliver into superheros however this task has not been difficult as Oliver has taken to superheros like superman to flying!

Last week was rather a busy one for cake making as I had 4 birthdays, mothers day and a girl leaving at work.  When this happens the design of the cakes has to be considered as I do not have as much time to spend on each cake.  

This cake was designed originally with a hulk made out of icing, however during the day ahead of decorating the cake I decided I was mad trying to do all this and instead I headed to Argos to get a hulk action figure to go with the cake.  This way Oliver would get another present to keep and I would be given the gift of time – a winner all round!!

The brick wall design allowed me to use my ribboner again and I love this tool!  It is so amazing I am going to talk all about it in a post which will be coming soon.

Superman Birthday cake for a 4 year old. Challenge accepted – I must be mad!

A friend at work saw the super hero cake I did for my husband a couple of years ago and loved it.  It was coming up to his son’s birthday and his 4 year old has a huge love for all super heroes and spends hours with his dad colouring in pictures and wearing the costumes!  Superman bursting out the top was a must however he wished to set me a challenge and asked if Superman could have his arm sticking up holding a number 4 – I accepted!  I am glad to say I was not mad to accept!

I was however slightly mad to say I would do the cake in the first instance!  With the wedding cake for our amazing friend’s Adam and Jo’s big day MAIN PRIORITY I had to be super super organised to ensure this cake would fit in nicely with cake plans already in place.  Every evening from 1 week before the big day has been mapped out precisely with what needs to be done and for when.  As I would be leaving work on the Thursday, the superman cake needed to be ready for then – the same day as the wedding cake – let the hours of fun begin!

The end result showed Superman holding up a number 4 above his head!  I was so impressed with how it had turned out.  We had a few structural issues with the number 4 but they were repairable and it just seemed to stay in the air.  You can image I was not calm about this and the cake wasnt going to be eaten until Saturday, which meant his arm needed to stay up til then.  I think I didn’t really believe I could do it, so to it sticking up like that amazed me!  I actually don’t think I stopped to think about whether it was possible for me to do, I just got on with it and would deal with any problems as they arose!

I love cakes in really bright, vibrant colours, they always look very effective and striking.  Chocolate sponge inside with chocolate buttercream, here’s hoping the birthday boy loves it!