Sock Monkeys – fun to make and fantastic gifts

It has been a few months since I made a sock monkey so I was very happy when I had a reason to make one and even happier I had a fantastic theme for it – Batman.

A friend of ours is a massive Batman fan and therefore we decided an Hours of Fun homemade batman sock monkey would make the perfect gift.  We already had some batman themed socks in so these were used for the Monkey, combining two different styled socks, one for the body and one for the arms, tail and mouth.

The monkey was sewn together and stuffed using toy stuffing.  The cape was made out of black cotton material and the Batman mask was made from a spare sock toe piece.  The Batman sign on his front and the belt were made from felt.

Handmade sock monkey batman by Hours of Fun

For instructions on how to make your own sock monkey click here, or if you would rather let Hours of Fun do the crafting visit our shop to place an order for your own personalised sock monkey.  You can help design the monkey, providing information on colours, style, theme etc and we will craft your sock monkey – made to order.


Latest sock monkeys

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I have had the opportunity to make some more Sock Monkeys this year and I have really enjoyed the challenge.  I have been trying out new ideas and techniques, giving the sock monkeys characters and clothes and it has been a lot of fun.

My niece and nephew turned 5 in January and for their presents I made them a sock monkey each.  My mum and dad bought a sock monkey from Hours of Fun last year at a craft fair and the kids love playing with it when they visit their Grandma and Granddad.

For Edie she had a dancer sock monkey, with a tutu, hair band and general girly look.  For Luke we went with a pirate theme and gave the sock monkey an eye patch and an earring.  We gave them their birthday presents whilst we were out having fun bowling and they loved them. They are fantastic keep sakes for them and they are presents with a special personal touch, something they can keep and play with.

As a Christmas present for my friend’s brother I made a b-boy sock monkey with a cap and a vest.  I am looking forward to making more sock monkeys and trying out new ideas.  It will also allow me to start on my adventure of learning to make clothes.  I can start with mini clothes for sock monkeys before making adult sized ones, less material wasted when it all goes wrong!!

Visit to design your own Sock Monkey from Hours of Fun.