Punisher cake for a special Marvel fan turning 40

One of our friends has recently turned 40 (I have officially reached that stage in my live where 40 is the next big birthday for everyone!!).

He is a massive fan of The Punisher and this was to be the theme of the cake.

The main cake was chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream, baked as a 10″ square cake and cut into a rectangle.  I covered it in black icing and put it to one side whilst I did the cake topper.

The Punisher skull was made from homemade rice crispie marshmellows, covered in 2 layers of white icing with the detail made from black icing.  This was then placed on top of the cake.  I also made letters out of rice crispie marshmellows and covered them in 2 layers of white icing again.  This time the detail was created with red food colouring gel mixed with rejuvenator fluid, painted on to look like blood spilling down each letter.

For the finishing touch I used the red food colour mix to write ‘Happy 40th’ on the cake. I wanted to see if there was anything else that represented The Punisher so I spoke to my husband who is a massive Marvel fan himself.  I had identified a skull, blood and guns.  Apparently that is it and I didn’t see how a gun would fit into the design and be something I could write Happy 40th on!

Happy Birthday Dan, hope you had a super fantastic day 🙂

dans 40th birthday cake punisher (2)

dans 40th birthday cake punisher (1)

Tool box cake for a special birthday

For an 18th birthday a tool box cake was requested with the cake shaped as the tool box and a few tools modelled to go around the cake.

The cake was made from a 10″ square cake, cut to size and shaped.  It was then covered in two layers of icing and decorated.  The tools were made from white icing mixed with tylo powder to strengthen it up.  To give them the silver finish I used silver edible glitter mixed with rejuvenating fluid and a paint brush.  The tools were made from homemade rice crispie squares.

This was the first time I had made my own rice crispie squares and they were really easy to make.  I followed a Nigella Lawson recipe – click here to visit her page and try it for yourself.

Happy 18th birthday Elliot.

Tool box cake
Tool box cake