A new cushion for Lou Lou with no felt this time!

For Lou Lou’s birthday present this year I had decided I had to make her a new cushion cover.  I had made her one a couple of years ago using felt and fleece but the felt had worn away and every time I saw the cushion on her sofa I was rather ashamed of how much it had been damaged as the felt squares now had holes in and looked tatty.  I had learnt the hard way not to use felt in a cushion that would be used rather than be for decoration only.

Lou Lous first cushion
Lou Lous first cushion

This time the cushion would be made of fleece only, using a technique I had spotted on the internet.  It was a design with small squares where you leave the seams sticking out at the front as you sew them together so they add a feature to the design.  With fleece being rather thick however I was unable to get more than four layers of fleece through the sewing machine at a time without breaking the needle and getting it stuck.   I therefore amended the design to include a large purple square in the centre with the smaller squares around the outside.

I then cut out some flowers from the pattern and sewed them on to the centre piece for decoration.

I hope this cushion lasts longer than the last one!  With it being made from fleece it is super soft, perfect for resting on when relaxing on the sofa.  It washes well and I will make sure I get regular updates on how it is doing.  As well as being a birthday present for Lou, she is also being my guinea pig for fleece cushion cover making!



Lou lous handmade fleece cushion take 2 no felt close up of HoF labelLou lous handmade fleece cushion take 2 no felt the backLou lous handmade fleece cushion take 2 no felt

Louise ad Emlyn’s wedding cake 4 tier wonky purple, silver and ivory

When we heard the exciting news about our friends tying the knot we knew a fantastic cake was to be created for their special day.  We sat with the happy couple and went through some ideas with them to gain an insight into would like.  The decision was made to make a wonky cake (also known as a mad hatter cake, tospy turvy cake or asymmetrical cake).

I was a little nervous about this as I had not done a wonky cake as a wedding cake before and the idea of making a wonky cake look wedding cake perfect seemed a challenge, however I was working with my cake partner in crime Lou Lou and I had great faith that she could carry us through this challenge.

We had the style sorted, colour scheme as purple, silver and ivory, our friend Chris was making a fimo bride and groom along with fimo models of their cats as a surprise and we were having petal paste flowers – the plan was in place.

I headed over to Lou Lou’s house with the petal paste flowers, where she had baked the cakes all ready for decorating and we got to work icing and decorating the cake.  It took us two evenings to get the cake finished and it all went fairly smoothly.  We work really well as a team, getting on with things, talking things through when needed, keeping on top of the cleaning and mainly having fun.  By the end of the first night we had a clean kitchen along with a cake all iced and stacked ready for the detail.  The second night we had Chris with us as he had finished the fimo characters and they were ready for the cake.  We set to decorating the cake, added the bride, groom, cats and flowers to get an idea of the finished piece and then stepped away happy with our creation.

The cake was set up at the wedding in time for the wedding breakfast as a surprise as they were not expecting it to be set up until the evening do.  The cake looked amazing and the happy couple loved it.  Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Jones, we had such a fantastic day and wish you years of happiness and laughter together.  Thanks for letting us make your wedding cake we had a lot of fun!

4 tier wonky wedding cake
4 tier wonky wedding cake
<img class="size-medium wp-image-5287" alt="Handmade flowerpaste flowers & Fimo bride and groom " src="http://www.hoursoffun.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/tier-wonky-wedding-cake-purple-silver-and-ivory-1-300×195.jpg" width="300" height=" Handmade flowerpaste flowers & Fimo bride and groom
Handmade fimo cat
Handmade fimo cat
Handmade cat & flowers
Handmade cat & flowers


The top tier was lemon which we placed in a box and gave to the bride and groom to take home and enjoy.  The second tier was chocolate, then lemon, with the bottom tier vanilla.  The flowers we white roses and purple lisianthus made from edible petal paste.  I had never made lisianthus before and I am now proud to add them to my flower collection.

A cake from the 50 easy party cakes book – purple dinosaur cake yeay!

For Lorraine’s birthday the tradition continued in choosing a cake from the 50 easy party cakes book.  I had 3 cakes on all due for the same day so it had to be as straight forward as the book allows yet still fab!

There are so many amazing cakes in this book by Debbie Brown.  We have made mini monster cakes, a shopping bags cake, a ladybird, clown’s face, a bookworm cake and a flower power cake.  There are still so many to do.

The dinosaur cake in the book is blue with yellow spots, but I chose to go with purple.   When doing cakes for friends for fun you can have a look what you have already in the cupboard and incorporate it into the design, simply changing a colour or adding sparkles or silver balls.

The dinosaur cake was made by baking 1 cake in a pyrex bowl, covering it in icing.  The head, tail and legs get added afterwards, with the head being placed on a dowel for support which is then inserted into the main body of the dinosaur to make sure it stays in place.

He looked fab travelling in the box with his head poking out and when it was time to cut the cake he was placed on display in the kitchen, just a neck and head 😦 !

Cadbury Purple 3 tier wedding cake simple and elegant

The weekend gone was a super busy and fun packed one, with Saturday requiring delivery of a wedding cake up in Morecambe, then over to my Mum and Dad’s to celebrate my Dad’s birthday by having a family lunch then a trip to watch Morecambe play Burton.  This was the first ever football game for nephew so we were keen to be there for this momentous occasion, even if Morecambe didn’t step up to the event and the game resulted in a 0-0 draw!

Sunday was all about the craft fair at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool, click here to read all about it.

The week leading up to all this fun needed to be well planned and there would be little time for sitting and relaxing as I worked my way though stock preparation and cake decorating.      Fun as all this is, I was still feeling a little sorry for myself with my forever growing and never-ending to do list, when all I wanted to do was slob onto the sofa and watch The Waltons!

The cake had a simple design – 3 tiers of cake, each tier separated by blocks to allow a gap for flowers to be placed between the layers.  There were having silk flowers and I had arranged to meet with the florist Val, at the hotel when we arrived.  She was absolutely amazing and she offered to meet us at what ever time suited with us travelling up from Liverpool and she lived locally.    This was re-assuring as it can be rather nerve-racking doing a cake when you don’t actually know what the flowers will look like or how it will all look when put together.

The cake set up went smoothly and Val was there to meet us and show us the flowers, which meant we could pop some on the cake for a photo before we left, as Val was then staying to fix all the flowers in place around the cake.  The hotel had even set up a cake stand which meant I didn’t have to leave mine there and ask my Mum to collect it the following day.

The cake looked fab once all set up with the bride and groom on the top, the colours matched well and the flowers looked gorgeous and I have since received feedback the cake was loved and enjoyed, yeay!

I have never done a cake this style before; separated with flowers around each tier.  I enjoyed the new challenge and I would like to try one next that uses decorative pillars to separate the tiers.

This cake had a fruit cake bottom tier with marzipan, a vanilla sponge with buttercream as the middle tier and the top tier was chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream.

Congratulations to Andy and Linda, hope you had an amazing wedding day.