80th birthday party – invites, cake and decorations

Hours of Fun was booked in for a very special 80th birthday party.  We were making the invitations, decorating the venue and making the cake and I was super excited about the booking.

The first step was a planning meeting to decide on the theme, colours, find out details of venue and any other relevant information.

We designed four different invitations and sent them over for consideration.  Once decided 50 invitations were made using the party theme of lilac and cats, containing all the information the guest list needed.

handmade 80th birthday party cat invites (1)  handmade 80th birthday party cat invites (2)

The venue decorations included paw print helium filled white balloons – in keeping with the cat theme.  Along with lilac and white plain balloons, lots of table confetti and banners.  I also made some paper bunting using the card and paper bought for the invitations and this was hung up around the room.  As a little special addition to the decorations I made name cards again using the card and paper left over from the invitations and we wrote special place names on these, one for each table.  The names included the birthday girl’s place of birth, various homes over the years and special family locations.

For the cake the design was again cats.  A cat embosser and cutter set was used to create the design across the top of the large cake, with purple ribbon and a birthday message embossed on to the side and board of the cake.  The cake was made from 2 10” square vanilla sponge cakes cut to form a rectangle.

Kellys grans 80th birthday cakes (2)

Cat cake
Cat cake

I had inside information that there were at least four people who were gluten intolerant at this party so I made an 8” round no-gluten sponge cake, decorating it using the cat embosser and cutter set as a gift from Hours of Fun.  I was keen to use my new no-gluten sponge cake recipe and see what they thought.  I received such amazing feedback from everyone at the party for the decorations and cakes.  Those that tried the no-gluten cake were so amazing with their feedback saying it was the best no-gluten sponge cake they had tried.  The venue even commented on the cakes saying they cut up fantastically and looked amazing.

If you want to contact Hours of Fun about booking a party, cake, decorations or anything else we provide give us a call on 07549 430879 or email us on Rachel@hoursoffun.co.uk