Accessorising your home, matching colour schemes

If you like to colour co-ordinate everything in a room but struggle to find matching colours, you can always use the paint you have put on the walls or the wallpaper to accessorise.

I recently needed two photo frames and wanted them to match the colour scheme, but this was going to be a near impossible task. We had quite a lot of paint left that had been used to paint the feature wall so I decided to use this as it would be the perfect match!

I bought two photo frames from Matalan – they were multi frames in wood colour. They also did them in white plastic but the wood ones are much easier to work with when painting them.

I took all the glass and photo backs out, laid them out on some newspaper and gave them a light sand using a fine sand paper – just enough to get rid of any lumps and bumps and give the paint something to work with, I then wiped them with a slightly damp cloth and left them to dry for an hour.

I then painted them with the matt emulsion wall paint, letting them dry overnight then giving them a second coat. To give them a nice finish, make them last longer and deter dust and dirt settling they were given a coat of varnish using clear craft varnish. Left to dry again overnight, then pictures were popped in and the frames were hung on the wall. They look fantastic on display and match the colour scheme perfectly.

We also used the wall paint to paint the blank canvasses so the background matched the room colour scheme. A design was then adding to the canvass using colours in the wallpaper and butterflies which featured on the paper. They looked gorgeous and again matched the colour scheme.

You can use spare wallpaper to decopatch items, cut out pictures from the design and use them in pictures and art. When accessorising your room always take time to think if you can use any of the decorating supplies that are left over to create the look you want.