Lamps and shades – made by Hours of Fun

Homemade, personalised, unique lamp bases and lampshades
Last year I tried my hand at upcycling lights and quickly fell in love with how you can transform a lamp by recovering the shade or by covering the base using the technique decoupage – covering an object with layers of paper and varnish.
For Christmas I got busy making a superhero bedside lamp for one of our friends. It had marvel characters around the base and the shade was covered in a bright superhero red. I also did a minecraft bedside lamp for my nephew – covering the base in squares of different shades of green with a creeper face and the shade covered in green material. I then did a matching down light for his ceiling light.
You can also take an existing lampshade and add ribbon or buttons to it to give it a new lease of life and jazz it up.
This is a perfect way to accessorise your room without going out and spending ages trying to track down the perfect matching shade colour, then finding it only to see the price tag is way above what you wanted to spend.
If you have left over curtain material you can use it to make new lampshades. You can use leftover wallpaper which we did in our bedroom and now our light matches the décor perfectly.
If you don’t fancy trying this yourself then why not contact Hours of Fun and ask us to make it for you. We will work with you to match the right colour and design you want, then hand craft a unique, personalised lamp or shade just for you. They make lovely gifts especially for children with themed bedrooms. I have also made matching bunting for my nephew so he has a fully themed bedroom as his favourite computer game mine craft.