Festival of Firsts amazing children’s display


This year Hours of Fun headed into the third year of working with the Festival of Firsts and we were determined to make it bigger and better than previous years.

Partnering up with Regan Shaw from Kaleidoscope Magazine and Pam Sullivan from The Williamson Art Gallery, we worked with the festival to plan how to spend a grant the Festival was successful in securing from the Liverpool One Foundation.

The aim of the project was to get children involved in crafting and raise awareness of the Festival as we travelled around the Wirral working with different groups and running drop in creative sessions.

We worked with some fabulous groups including Hoylake Sea Cadets, Hoylake 1st Guides, Priory Parish Primary, Woodchurch after school club Whizzkids, Wirral Methodist Housing and lots more.  Each group designed and created their own sun catcher windows using craft supplies and sharpie pens.  They decorated a clear transparency sheet which was then fixed into a frame ready for hanging.

We encouraged them to do some creative writing, telling us funny stories or about their favourite day or thing to do.  We had some amazing creations and the children all really enjoyed making them.  We even got them to make two so they could take one home and we could keep one for the display.


We had over 150 frames made which we hung from hula hoops, which were then hung them from the rafters at St John The Baptist Church, Great Meols, from a feature beam at Hoylake Parade Community Centre, in the windows at West Kirby Library and it is currently on display at The Williamson Art Gallery in Birkenhead.  The display creates a visual spectacle, reflecting light and colours as it dances around in the sunshine.




Light Night Liverpool – working and having fun

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Light Night Liverpool took place on Friday 17th May 2013 and was a fun packed evening.

I started at the Women’s Organisation on St James Street in town for a cultural event.  There were several stalls set up by local business women who have used the amazing services of the  Women’s Organisation.  Displaying their business ideas and available products and services.  They also had a Chinese themed evening of entertainment and you could have a walk round the fantastic building, heading up to the top floor to take in the breathtaking views.

We were there for a couple of hours and I enjoyed chatting with fellow stall holders and listening to the entertainment.  It was more of a networking evening than a craft fair so the focus was on making contacts and exploring ways we could help each other.

From the Women’s Organisation I heading to the pub for a leaving do, then I met up with Kev and we headed off to explore the Light Night, although as it was 10pm it was actually dark!  First stop was the Anglican Cathedral where they had an amazing light projection creating a fantastic Kaleidoscope effect.  We then headed in to explore the cathedral.  If you haven’t been inside it is definitely worth a visit as it is spectacular and massive!

The Cathedral was my inspiration for the ‘make your own kaleidoscope’ kit I had on display on the stall at the Women’s Organisation.

Next stop was the Central Library.  Re- opening for the first time since the major refurbishments and the inspiration for my ‘make your own’ bookmark kits.  The building is amazing, the entrance/central staircase is ginormous and you can venture off to the smaller library rooms that have been restored to their original state and are beautiful, as soon as you walk in you can smell the books and the history.  They also had a light projection set up outside, as we passed they had the story of Alice ib Wonderland.