The birthday girl’s favourite Roald Dahl book as a cake!

It was my sister in law’s sister’s birthday party and it wasn’t just any old birthday party, it was to celebrate her turning 40 so a super duper cake was required.  We had a chat about themes and ideas and my sister in law suggested The Twits as that was the birthday girl’s favourite book as a child.   Without any hesitation I jumped on this idea as it sounded like so much fun to make.


The party was a surprise, so in secret we swapped messages as we both did a little research and remembered how fantastic the book is with so many fabulous things in it that we could include on the cake.

I baked a square 8″ lemon sponge and shaped it into a rectangle so it was now a book shape.  I ordered some printing from eat my face who are super quick and efficient at edible printing, this was to be used as the book cover.  I haven’t used rice paper for this type of edible printing before as I have always had the printing done on fondant.  It is good to experiment and I was keen to see how it worked.  If doing it again I would probably choose a book cover to be printed on icing as the rice paper has a tendency to curl up slightly at the edges, so doesn’t want to lie flat.  To combat it’s desire to curl I made a thin border out of strips of icing to frame the printed rice paper sheet and keep it in place.

I baked a 6″ lemon sponge cake which came out with a slight dome where it had risen – this was the perfect shape for a pie, I didn’t have to do anything to it other than slice it to layer it with buttercream.  I then covered it in coloured icing, which I then painted with liquid brown food colouring to give texture and colour.  I crimped the edges using a crimper tool.  I made birds legs from flower paste and left them to go hard overnight.  I then made a few holes in the top of the pie and slotted the legs into place – this created a fabulous Roly-Poly bird pie which I then placed on the board next to the book.



The Twits

This cake was so much fun to make and the birthday girl loved it.  I wasn’t there when she cut into it, but I had requested they got a photo of her eating the pie!!

Roly-Poly bird pie

eating pie

1 cake for 4 people – family 4 birthday whammy!

We have 1 month of the year that is a super busy birthday time in our family with 4 birthdays in the space of 3 days.  We always try and get together for the birthdays and I always like to bring cake!

Doing 4 cakes can be a little much and I also don’t think we need that much cake between us, so I decided to do a cake with 4 sides, each one decorated for each of the birthday girls.

The first side was for Eleanor turning 18.  The theme we went for was a labrador as she has recently become the proud owner of a gorgeous black labrador.

4 birthday whammy cake 2015 (1)

A fab idea when making cakes and cards is to match them up, so for Eleanor I used the same labrador template and made a card to match.

handmade card black labrador

The next side was for my sister in law who likes her wine so this is the theme we went with!

4 birthday whammy cake 2015 (2) handmade card wine bottle


The next side was for my neice who was getting a mini party box from us for her birthday so we went with this theme and added a party box to the side of the cake.

4 birthday whammy cake 2015 (4)  handmade card party in a box

The final side was for my mum, the theme was to be a miniature schnauzer as it was the first time my mum had her birthday since they had got their gorgeous, super cute dog Teddy.

4 birthday whammy cake 2015 (3)  handmade card miniature schnauzer


We took a cake turntable with us so when we displayed the cake on the table it could be spun round to see each side.  It wasn’t the fanciest and perfect cake I have ever made but it was lots of fun and all the birthday girls loved having their own side that matched their card.

Catching up on cakes – first up Doc McStuffins

Due to various reasons (I won’t bore you with!) I have not blogged much over the last couple of months so it’s officially catch up time.

Hours of Fun has been busy in the kitchen making some fab cakes, the themes requested have been a real mixture and lots of fun.

This Doc McStuffins cake was for a little girl turning 3 who as you may have guessed – loves Doc McStuffin!

Doc McStuffins


The cake was a vanilla sponge with a lemon buttercream filling.   The Doc McStuffin bag was made from homemade marshmellow rice crispies, covered in icing and decorated.  The medical bits and bobs were modelled using ready roll icing.

Doc McStuffin herself was a not edible and it was a little treat for Grace to keep after the cake had all be eaten up.

doc mcstuffins 3rd birthday cake (3) doc mcstuffins 3rd birthday cake (2)

Little Mermaid and Flounder to celebrate turning 18

This has been one of my favourite cakes to make so far this year.  It was bright and colourful with my favourite Disney characters on – what was not to love!!

The cake was a made from 3 tiers of lemon sponge with lemon sponge cupcakes to go with it.

Little mermaid
Little mermaid

The Ariel cake topper was bought as a complete piece with Ariel sat on a rock, and Flounder was made from fondant.

Ariel and Flounder
Ariel and Flounder

The shells were made using a shell mould and fondant, decorated with edible dust mixed with rejuvenator fluid and steamed to create a gorgeous shine on them.

The sand is mixture of different sugars, coconut and crushed seeds.

Little mermaid 2 tier 18th birthday cake Ariel and flounder (1)


A sea monster cake for a double birthday celebration


Cake can be a fantastic present to give someone for their birthday, if you are counting your pennies, or unsure of what to get someone, a homemade cake can say it all.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy if that’s not your skill base.  Just do some sneaky digging into what their favourite flavour sponge or bake is and try your hand at making it for them.

For our friend’s two boy’s birthdays we we unsure what to get them as we knew they would get lots of amazing toys and we are saving like mad for a holiday next year.  As they were having a joint birthday party it was decided I would make the party cake as their presents.

A sea monster theme was set and I tried doing waves for the first time.  I used fondant mixed with Tylo powder to strengthen it, then piped along the top of each wave with fondant mixed with a little water to create a paste which can be used in a piping bag.  You could also use royal icing for the tops of the waves.

Seb and Harry sea monster birthday cake (2)


Sea monster cake
Sea monster cake

More minecraft birthday fun

Another order for a minecraft cake came in.  Everyone seems either Minecraft or Frozen crazy at the moment!

The design was simple with the minecraft theme of building blocks including the candles placed around the board ready to be lit for singing happy birthday.

This cake was a chocolate 8″ sponge cake with chocolate filling.  Covered in icing then using a ribboner, I cut out lots of squares from different shades of green and a few from black icing and placed them all on top of the cake to create the creeper face design.

Mine craft
Mine craft

80th birthday party – invites, cake and decorations

Hours of Fun was booked in for a very special 80th birthday party.  We were making the invitations, decorating the venue and making the cake and I was super excited about the booking.

The first step was a planning meeting to decide on the theme, colours, find out details of venue and any other relevant information.

We designed four different invitations and sent them over for consideration.  Once decided 50 invitations were made using the party theme of lilac and cats, containing all the information the guest list needed.

handmade 80th birthday party cat invites (1)  handmade 80th birthday party cat invites (2)

The venue decorations included paw print helium filled white balloons – in keeping with the cat theme.  Along with lilac and white plain balloons, lots of table confetti and banners.  I also made some paper bunting using the card and paper bought for the invitations and this was hung up around the room.  As a little special addition to the decorations I made name cards again using the card and paper left over from the invitations and we wrote special place names on these, one for each table.  The names included the birthday girl’s place of birth, various homes over the years and special family locations.

For the cake the design was again cats.  A cat embosser and cutter set was used to create the design across the top of the large cake, with purple ribbon and a birthday message embossed on to the side and board of the cake.  The cake was made from 2 10” square vanilla sponge cakes cut to form a rectangle.

Kellys grans 80th birthday cakes (2)

Cat cake
Cat cake

I had inside information that there were at least four people who were gluten intolerant at this party so I made an 8” round no-gluten sponge cake, decorating it using the cat embosser and cutter set as a gift from Hours of Fun.  I was keen to use my new no-gluten sponge cake recipe and see what they thought.  I received such amazing feedback from everyone at the party for the decorations and cakes.  Those that tried the no-gluten cake were so amazing with their feedback saying it was the best no-gluten sponge cake they had tried.  The venue even commented on the cakes saying they cut up fantastically and looked amazing.

If you want to contact Hours of Fun about booking a party, cake, decorations or anything else we provide give us a call on 07549 430879 or email us on

Tool box cake for a special birthday

For an 18th birthday a tool box cake was requested with the cake shaped as the tool box and a few tools modelled to go around the cake.

The cake was made from a 10″ square cake, cut to size and shaped.  It was then covered in two layers of icing and decorated.  The tools were made from white icing mixed with tylo powder to strengthen it up.  To give them the silver finish I used silver edible glitter mixed with rejuvenating fluid and a paint brush.  The tools were made from homemade rice crispie squares.

This was the first time I had made my own rice crispie squares and they were really easy to make.  I followed a Nigella Lawson recipe – click here to visit her page and try it for yourself.

Happy 18th birthday Elliot.

Tool box cake
Tool box cake

A cake to celebrate turning 18

I was asked to make a cake for an 18th birthday and was presented with a picture of a bedroom scene which they loved and asked if I could replicate changing a few of the details and colours to fit the birthday boy.

The cake was made from a 8″ square vanilla sponge with vanilla frosting.  The cake was cut to shape and there was enough left over to make the two bedside tables.

All the decoration was edible, we had a pair of socks, a t-shirt, shorts, a laptop, a game controller, pizza box, coke can, a phone, bedside lamps and an i-pod and headphones along with the birthday boy fast asleep in bed!


Close up of 18th birthday bedroom scene cake2 Close up of 18th birthday bedroom scene cake3

bedroom scene
bedroom scene
teenage bedroom
teenage bedroom

The board was covered in black icing and used my cake ruler to make lines in to create a floorboard effect.  I also used my checkered impression mat to create an effect around the base of the bed.

Wishing Thomas a fantastic 18th birthday, hope you had fantastic fun celebrating an enjoyed eating your cake bedroom!

90’s themed cake for a special 30th Birthday party

With a wedding cake in the diary I thought it would be lots of fun to take on a few more cakes that week just to ensure it was super busy!  We couldnt make it to our cousin’s 30th birthday celebrations but I was determined to do her a cake for her party that fit in with the 90’s theme.

I had a few ideas, but the main factor to consider was that the cake would be driven down south to Emma’s and it had to be sturdy, nothing too complicated due to wedding cake commitment but still fab.

Emma had sent out invitations with the “i love the 90’s” sign on so this was to be the main design for the cake.

90s themed
90s themed

I had a lot of fun mixing lots of bright colours to make a checkered board.  To make the EMMA I rolled out each colour into a sausage shape and placed them side by side, then rolled them out flat.  It is very simple and creates a fab effect.

Emma had a fantastic party by all accounts and I hope she loved her cake too.