Cupcakes for all occasions

There has been a flurry of cupcakes orders received at Hours of Fun over the last few weeks.  Cupcakes for Teachers, Olympic parties, Maternity leave, Birthdays and Hen Parties.

First up we have Olympic rings and medals topping a vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream.  Helping to celebrate the end of the Olympics at an office party.


I love buying new cake equipment and tools and these order gave me the perfect excuse to buy a new mould.  This mould is full of super cute baby items which I used to top these Vanilla, Red Velvet and Chocolate cupcakes.


Maternity leave baby cupcakes

Thank you gifts for Teachers at the end of the year can be tricky; you may want to stick to a budget, try to buy them something different or leave it so late it ends up being a last minute panic.  Cupcakes are a lovely way to say thank you and come in a box with a handmade tag that the child can write themselves.  We can do any flavour and also offer a gluten free cupcakes for anyone with a gluten allergy.

Teacher cupcakes

I’ve had a few hen do cake orders however this was the first time I had been asked for rude ones!  You know what this meant – time for a new mould!!  These were a lot of fun to make and when delivered to the customer’s work place, they caused a big discussion and attracted a lot of attention!  The cake toppers were made from fondant and placed on top of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, some of the toppers were even chocolate flavoured!!

Hen do cupcakes

Birthday cupcakes come in all shapes and sizes.  These were lemon and vanilla cupcakes with photos printed on to sheets of icing as the toppers.  Printing onto edible icing or rice paper is a fabulous way to personalise a cake.

Birthday photos

Last up with have bright and colourful daisy cupcakes.  A mixture of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes baked in cases decorated with daisies.  Two different colours were piped together to create the striking swirl with a fondant daisy placed on top.    These were ordered as a leaving gift at work.

Rainbow cupcakes

Cupcakes are £1.50 each or buy a box of 12 for £15.00 and are perfect for all occasions.

Hen do cake with cupcakes for the special Bride to be

I was asked to make a cake along with cupcakes for a Hen do, with the bride to be being part of a Muay Thai team.  We designed a boxing ring style cake, with the bride to be stood in the ring in her kit with a hen do sash and tiara on.

The cake and cupcakes were gluten free, although I did include silver balls in the design which do contain gluten so I made sure I let them know this when I delivered the cakes.

Hen do cake, boxing ring with Bride to be
Hen do cake, boxing ring with Bride to be

We made a few adjustments to the cake before it went off to the hen do as it was brought to my attention that they were not too keen on the blue mat.  We hadn’t planned the cake to that much detail so when making it I had googled boxing rings and a lot of them were coming up black and the picture I had been sent also had a black mat.  I was keen to not do black as I felt it would be too dark, so I went with a lighter blue – bad choice as I also found out later that the bride to be was a Liverpool Fan – so we had to get this sorted!

I spent half an hour on it during my lunch at work making a few changes to the cake, changing the mat to white and re-doing the message.  I also added some bunting in the same colours as the cupcakes to bring them together and make it a little more girly.

The changes meant I had a happy customer and I thanked her for letting me know how she felt as it was simple enough for me to make the changes required and we have to ensure the customer is happy with what they buy.

Hen do cupcakes

I was asked to make some cupcakes for a hen do.  We went through some ideas and a few pictures were chosen to give the direction for the design.

We went for red and white colours keeping them pretty, staying away from any rude decorations!  I used the texture rolling pins and mats to imprint the icing, then using cutters I did four different designs across the cupcakes.  I had a lot of fun making them, sat at my cake table cutting out shapes and frilling some of them.

The cupcakes are a mixture of chocolate and vanilla sponge, placed in cupcake boxes that hold 12.

Hen do cupcakes red and white design1 Hen do cupcakes red and white design2 Hen do cupcakes red and white design3