3 tier heart shaped wedding cake with royal blue and turquoise roses

I came home from my brother in law’s wedding and started to pack up the cake things, when I realised I had another wedding cake due in about 3 weeks time.  This meant that the cake equipment needed to stay out and I really should start making flowers that week.  This just seemed too much!  I wanted to get on my website and prioritise that for a few days, so I stepped out of the kitchen and decided I would start after the weekend.

The colour scheme for the cake was royal blue, turquoise and white.  I headed to the cake shop to enquire about coloured icing as I needed sugar paste for the flowers, only to be told they didn’t do it – not good news!  I did not fancy colouring sugar paste as it takes some time to knead in the colour as the icing is quite tough.   I did some research and headed to another cake shop and managed to find some ready coloured blue which just needed a little tweaking, and I purchased a dust to mix with others I already had to create turquoise.

I again loved making the flowers and was really happy with them.

The design was a 3 tier heart-shaped wedding cake.  It was placed on a S-shaped stand with a spray of flowers on each tier.  I did frills around the cake sides and piped with glace icing around the edge of each cake.

The top-tier was a Jamaica fruit cake with marzipan, the middle tier was chocolate sponge with chocolate frosting and the bottom tier was madeira cake.

Just spotted I havent included a picture of the cake in full, I will sort that evening and post it – sorry!!


Congratulations James and Mash, hope you had a fantastic day.