Cake with a regal look!

I have been keen to try piping detail onto a cake for a while now and found the perfect cake design for Aunty Wendy that presented the perfect opportunity.  It was a Harry Potter cake and as we are all massive Harry fans, this was the cake for Wendy.  Sadly due to a lack of time I had to simplify the cake, but I still got to practice piping detail on to a cake and produce a fab birthday cake for Wendy.

For piping I prefer to use ready to roll fondant mixed with a little water.  I was taught this in my cake class and find it to be a quick and easy way to get the right consistency for piping detail and it works well from a piping bag.   I use a large, deep mug to mix in, I add a small amount of icing then place a few drops of water and mix.  You can add a little more water as required to ensure the piping is the right consistency, pop it in your piping bag and off you go!

To produce a gold colour I used white icing with Sugarflair Edible colours – Old Gold.  The colour it produced was exactly what I wanted however if you wanted to, you can use gold dust or shimmers to brush over the icing to create a different shade.

Gold piping birthday cake for Wendy Gold piping birthday cake for Wendy close up

I cut a piece of paper out long enough to wrap around the cake and folded it in to quarters.  I then drew the pattern on one quarter, ensuring the ends would meet when continuing the pattern.  I then used the paper to mark the pattern on the cake using a frilling tool as it has a sharp point.  I then removed the paper and piped over the marked pattern.

I really enjoyed making the cake and completing the piped design.  I was disappointed I didn’t get to do the Hogwarts Emblem on the top, but I had lots of gold icing left in the piping bag so I had fun writing a birthday message on the top, without using any stencil just going freehand!

A Harry Potter Birthday Cake for the best Husband in the world!

When Kev’s birthday comes around it is time to get my thinking hat on for a fab theme for this birthday cake.  He puts up with a lot of kitchen stress and trials and tribulations and has become the best cake assistance ever so I like to make him a super special cake to say thank you and Happy Birthday!

This year we were off to Harry Potter Studios as part of the birthday week fun so a Harry Potter themed cake seemed perfect.   I had to be rather clever when organising and planning the cake as we were away for the week, landing home on the Friday which left me with Friday night to ice and decorate it, which was not loads of time.  I therefore did all my modelling and colouring of icing and baked the cakes ready, to ensure Friday night would run as smooth as possible.

I had ordered some printing onto fondant from Baby Cakes and Roses cake shop which we were picking up on the way home from London, which I had to sneakily get in the car without Kev seeing!

The cake was a large open book with the gryffindor emblem on one page and text from the books and films which I had picked out.  I had modeled Harry’s wand, the golden snitch and a pair of glasses.  I had also asked Lou Lou if she would be able to make some Bertie Botts every flavour beans as Lou has an ever growing selection of food flavours which I felt made her the perfect candidate for the job!  Her son Ben joined in on the mission and they turned up with a bag full of beans, all different colours and flavours – thanks lots and lots guys.

I was really happy with how the cake turned out and I am officially won over by the edible printing as it looked fantastic and to do that by hand would have taken forever and been rather stressful.

We had a fantastic week of birthday adventures, Harry Potter Studios was amazing, click here to visit their website and plan you own trip!  We spent a day in London doing all the sites we could squeeze in, had a cocktail with my cousin who lives down there and went to see Jesus Christ SuperStar which was also brilliant.