Handmade bunting, pink and girly for a baby girl

Coming soon to the Hours of Fun website – handmade, personalised bunting made to order.  Hours of Fun can make bunting for any occasion – new baby or baby shower, birthday present or decoration, congratulations, party decorations and much more.

The brief for this order was pink and girly which is always fun to do.  I used fleece for each flag, cutting them out using pinking shears to give a zig zag finish on the edges.  (This also stops any fraying of the material).  Each letter for the name was machine sewn onto the flags and a button was added to each of the loops at the end of the bias, once the bias was sewn onto each flag.

Wrapped in pink tissue paper, with a ribbon and tag it was ready for the baby shower.  I hope the mum to be likes it 🙂



Handmade bunting pink new baby girl (4) Handmade bunting pink new baby girl (5) Handmade bunting pink new baby girl (6)

Packaged and ready to go
Packaged and ready to go

Homemade bunting – made to order any colour, design or theme

We have made lots of bunting to order whether it be green and white congratulations bunting, pink and purple butterfly bunting or square flagged minecraft bunting.  We made lots of Christmas bunting with super cute reindeer on and gold bells.

Hours of Fun can design and make the perfect bunting for your room or occasion. We can personalise the bunting with names or messages and make it extra-long or to fit a particular length.
Our standard bunting it approximately 12 flags which equals a length of approximately 2 metres (sometimes varies slightly depending on the design). It can be single sided bunting or double-sided and comes with hoops at each end ready for easy display.
The bunting can be made from material or thick paper/card, with embellishments made from material, felt, buttons, ribbons and much more.

Why not order a matching lampshade to go with the bunting for the perfect gift idea.


Personalised unique photo frames – upcycling fun

Here at Hours of Fun we love to upcycle things and make new, gorgeous items from old, shabby things. Or transform a plain item into a patterned piece or design to match a rooms décor or a person’s passion.
One of my favourite crafts is decopatch or decoupage depending on what paper and technique you are using. They are both crafts involving paper layers, using glue and varnish. Decopatch is a brand of paper designed especially for ripping, gluing and layering. It is stronger than tissue paper but not as thick as printer paper. It rips well and doesn’t tear when applying glue. You can buy specialist glue with varnish in it, or use PVA glue watered down slightly then craft varnish as the final coat.
Decoupage is the original craft involving layering up any type of paper, adding glue and varnish, sanding down each layer, then building it up in the same way, sometimes up to 30 or 40 layers. The aim is to have a finish that looks like a smooth coating rather than individual pieces of paper. You can also distress it using sandpaper or distressed ink to give it an aged, weathered look.
We have been making a lot of photo frames using both of these techniques recently. The decopatch paper comes in a range of gorgeous patterns and designs and is perfect to use if you want a frame to colour co-ordinate with a room or match a favourite colour. We have also started making personalised photo frames using photographs printed onto paper, then glued onto the frame in a mosaic style pattern.

The photographs have been of families through the years, full of memories and they create a gorgeous keepsake. We use photo frames that have a border around the inside of the frame, in between the frame and the space for the picture. This breaks up the design, allowing the frame and the picture to stand out clearly from each other.
We can produce your own personalised photo frame. All we need from you are the pictures you want us to use and we will create a gorgeous keepsake you can keep or give as a gift.


Fleece tie cube, handmade gift for new born baby Samuel

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We have recently welcomed Samuel into the world as our friends have had their second child, a gorgeous and healthy little boy.

It was time to prepare for a visit to meet the new addition and I was excited to try something new with fleece for him as a gift.  I did some research on the Internet for ideas and one of the first places I visited was www.craftbits.com which I found when making the baby blankee with teddy bear.  They have lots of ideas for making toys and gifts out of fleece and when I spotted the instructions for making a fleece tie ball/cube I knew that was the one.  A fab addition to my fleece collection of handmade goodies and the perfect gift for a new born.  Tassels to play with, super soft fleece and we could add numbers on the sides to make it educational too!

I set to work cutting out the squares, i went for squares that were 10″ as per the instructions and had moments when tying it all together when I was concerned it may be a little small – this was unprecedented through as it was rather large once finished!

This project requires no sewing for the fleece part, however I soon realised as I was starting to tie to all together that once stuffed with toy filling, the filling would start to come out of the small gaps left between the tied pieces and it would not be very baby friendly.  I then took my own steps to remedy this problem and made an inner cube.  I cut out pieces of plain cotton and made a slightly smaller cube which I filled with toy stuffing and hand stitched the final side closed.  The inner cube was then placed inside the fleece cube and it felt more sturdy and the toy stuffing would not be able to escape.

If you fancy making your own click the link below to go to the instructions on Craftbits.com website

How to make your own