A cake for a pub lover!

The order came in for a cake shaped as a bar with the particulars being Guinness, Carling, Jack Daniels and McGinty’s Bar which is in Liverpool L13.  I had to do a fair bit of edible printing recently so as part of an order I had filled some space on a A4 sheet with mini Guinness, Carling and Jack Daniels signs.  I had also rung up the pub to ask them what colour their sign was outside as it has been green and blue but I couldn’t recall what it was at the present time.  After answering my question and being very accommodating the pub explained that this had been one of the most random questions it had ever been asked over the phone!

The model of the birthday boy was made from coloured icing mixed with tylo powder with a couple of cocktail sticks in to help keep its structure.  The pumps on the bar were kept in place using small pieces of dried spaghetti – this is a good trick to use in a cake as they are edible and you don’t need to worry about sticking them directly into a sponge cake, whereas with cocktail sticks and wire you should always use flower picks when sticking them directly into your sponge cake.  For small pieces of modelling dried spaghetti works well to help keep them in place and upright.

McGintys bar
McGintys bar

The bar was made from an 8” square lemon sponge with lemon curd and vanilla frosting filling covered in coloured ready roll icing.  The bar around the bottom was made with white icing which was then painted using gold edible glitter powder mixed with rejuvenating fluid.

Adding icing to the board often provides a fantastic finishing touch to a cake and for this cake I made it to look like a wooden floor using a knife to score the wood coloured icing and a long ruler to press the lines in to create floorboards.