Fun with felt, making lavender animals

I bought a pack of lavender a while ago and have not used much of it so I decided to make some felt animals and stuff them with some lavender and give them as gifts.  I love working with felt and I have a good selection of colours in 100% wool felt which is super soft, strong and fab to work with.  I got it from Blooming felt which is a fantastic online felt shop – visit their website here

I decided to make an owl first and followed a pattern I found on the internet (click here for the website)

Felt lavender owl hours of fun homemade (2) Felt lavender owl hours of fun homemade (3)

I then made a cat which I made using a picture of a felt cat someone had made that I found on Pinterest – click here to see it on pinterest

Felt cat

I then thought about making a felt dog, however I couldn’t find a design I liked so I decided to make another owl using a different design that had I seen a few times, where the body of the owl was made up of lots of different coloured pieces of felt.

felt owl

They were all filled with toy stuffing and a pouch of lavender, with a piece of string attached to the top of the animal so it could be hung up.

Handmade cards – lots of fun to do and much cheaper than heading to the card shop

I haven’t provided an update on homemade cards for a while so I decided it was time to share some pictures of the cards handmade so far this year.  You can make a card for any occasion – birthday, anniversary, good luck, congratulations and much more.  If you like to have a verse in the card but are not very good at coming up with them yourself you can use the internet to search for ideas and verses you can then copy into your card.  If you struggle to get going with ideas for the front of your card again using the internet is a fantastic way to gather some ideas and designs and you can always purchase a card making book which will take you through lots of different designs and techniques you can use.

Below is a gallery of cards I have made using all different techniques – layering, simple pen work, glitter sprinkling (I actually used sugar instead of glitter as it was to celebrate my 6th wedding anniversary and sugar is a representation for that year!), cutting out shapes to create pictures and designs, patterned paper and much more.