Easter fun – baking cupcakes and decorating them in a Easter theme

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On Tuesday night I should have been straight into the house from work and embarking on a painting mission then at the laptop updating my ideas library.  This however was not quite how the night panned out!  I came home feeling rather tired and lacking energy, so comfy clothes went on, painting was ignored and I had a desire to make Easter cupcakes.

I got to try out my new orange silicone cupcake cases which worked fantastically and i did a range of sizes of cupcake as I needed to use some cases up.  Whilst they were baking I pulled out everything that could be used for decorating them from the cupboards.

Easter cupcakes

I went for nest eggs using crushed up flake pieces with mini eggs placed in the middle.  I also crushed up more flake and sprinkled the flakes round some carrots made from fondant .  Daffodils made from fondant and some grass effect using the technique of pushing fondant through a sieve with more mini eggs in the middle.  Fun to make and fun to eat!!

I mainly used items I already had in my cupboards.  I had some pink buttercream that I used up, some coloured pieces of fondant ready for modelling and took a trip to the supermarket to get some flakes and mini eggs.  If you don’t have any fondant in the house you can buy fab decorating kits at some supermarkets which include coloured ready to roll icing and coloured icing pens

Have a search on the Internet for further ideas if you want then get to having fun in the kitchen at Easter.