Easter fun crafting session at West Kirby Library

As part of the Festival of Firsts the Hours of Fun workshop headed down to West Kirby Library to run an Easter hat making make and take stall.

The hats were made from paper plates and bowls, with recycled cardboard pieces available to use to add to the design and create masterpieces!

The children got busy making the hats, coming up with lots of different designs and decorating them in a variety of ways.  They used shredded tissue paper to create birds nests which they then stuck little fluffy chickens in.  They used tissue paper to cover the plates and bowls creating bright and colourful hats.  They used beads, feathers and gems to add bling, more colour and style, finishing them off with a piece of ribbon they could tie under the chin to keep the hats on their heads.

It was a fantastic venue for the craft session and I really enjoyed being in the library.  The staff were very friendly and even brought me cups of tea which was very much appreciated.  I was lucky to have two volunteers work with me for some of the session too.  Adam and Wayne are both completing their Duke of Edinburg Award and have been spending some time at the library helping out.  They were both fantastic, assisting children with their hats, making sure the table was kept stocked with supplies and chatting with the parents too.

I had a lovely day and look forward to future opportunities to craft there.


Easter weekend fun with crafts and baking

This Easter weekend I made time to try my hand at a couple of new crafts – lampshade making and soap making, I also headed into the kitchen for some Easter baking for our family meal on Easter Sunday.


Lampshade making

I have been wanting to make a lampshade for a while now and my Niece’s birthday was the perfect opportunity as I knew she needed a new bedside lamp.  I ordered a kit from Amazon where they have plenty of choice of kits in different sizes.  I choose a 30cm kit however when it arrived it was rather large for the lamp I was using, I therefore had to improvise – challenging myself straight away!

I had purchased a lamp with a plain shade so I carefully un-peeled the shade from the wire frame and removed the purple covering.  This was now my frame and template to be covered.

I followed the instructions provided in the Amazon kit using my own frame, material, adhesive spray and double-sided tape.  I had a lot of fun making the lampshade however I can share no more until I have given my niece her present!

Hannahs lamp April 2014 (5) Hannahs lamp april 2014 finished

Soap Making

I was given a soap making kit from my friends for my birthday and was keen to give it a try.  I set up my working area in the kitchen next to the stove, as instructed in the guidance notes provided.  I made three soaps using the moulds provided and tried something different with all of them.

It was very easy to follow, although my technique needs some practice and some further trial and error is required to understand what can be added to decorate and fragrance the soaps.

Hours of fun soap making first attempt (1) Hours of fun soap making first attempt (2) Hours of fun soap making first attempt (3) Hours of fun soap making first attempt (4)

The rectangle one with soap on the top was made with the strawberry fragrance provided and done in two layers – the top layer had marigold petals in and the bottom layer has lemon grass in.

The pink square one was made with a drop of pink food colouring and shredded coconut in.

The green one sadly had to be thrown away as I accidentely mixed water in with the soap whilst it was melting.  This had a drop of peppermint flavouring in, with some edible green sprinkles (which dissolved and turned the soap radioactive green!) along with some purple edible glitter.

Easter fun in the kitchen

We were heading over to my brother-in-laws on Easter Sunday for a roast dinner with the family and I was in the mood to do some baking to take with us as desert.  I wanted to do chocolate cake and also try something new so I choose Simnel cake.  I had never tried Simnel cake before however as it was simply fruit cake with extra marzipan in so I knew we would love it!

I followed a recipe I found on BBC – click here to visit the site and made marzipan for the first time which was delicious.  I didn’t have any almond flavouring in so I added a tiny little bit of toffee flavouring instead which worked well.

I also made apricot jam from a can of tinned apricot halves in sugar syrup – I added a little extra sugar and boiled it on the hob for about 30 minutes until the liquid reduced – it was a little sweet – perhaps I didn’t need to add any sugar – however perfect for coating the top of the Simnel cake before laying the marzipan on top.

Chocolate cake Easter 2014 Simnel cake 2014 (3) Simnel cake 2014 (2)

Easter craft ideas

With the kids off school for two weeks it can be challenging keeping them entertained every day.  The Easter weekend can be fantastic inspiration for getting crafty, playing games and baking in the kitchen.


Click here to visit the Hours of Fun Pinterest board full of craft ideas.

Why not have a search yourself on Pinterest to get some ideas for your weekend ahead.  Visit some of the websites below that are full to burst with fantastic ideas.


Martha Stewart

Activity Village


Fun Free Easter







Easter fun – decorating eggs with things found around the house

We visited our friend Chris at the weekend and got talking about Easter fun and crafting and he suggested we boil some eggs and decorate them to get us in the Easter crafting mood.

We boiled 4 eggs fresh from his chicken coop and Chris went off upstairs to his craft drawer to see what he could find to decorate the eggs with.  He soon returned with card, tissue paper, glue, glitter, paint, pastels and some small glass jars for us to place the eggs in.  He then headed out to his car and came back with a tub of googly eyes which he had in his glove box – a normal place to keep your googly eyes I think you will agree!

We painted one egg using water colour paints.  Any paint will normally work on egg shells, just make sure you allow time for it to dry before handling it or using different colours next to each other.

Easter fun decorating eggs 

We used pastel chalks to make an egg head on one of the eggs  The fab thing about pastels is that you can wipe it clean using a damp cloth if you go wrong, the downside is the pattern is very easily removed so be careful when handling it.  We then used tissue paper as hair and stuck googly eyes on the egg.

Easter fun decorating eggs

We made one of them into a chicken using coloured card and PVA glue.  Most glue will work but again you do need to leave it to dry before handing the eggs.  Googly eyes were used and the egg was rolled in glue then glitter to give it a sparkling look and it is also a fab messy job if you like getting your hands dirty!

Easter fun decorating eggs

Finally we used a pen and drew a pig on the egg and stuck googly eyes on it.

Easter fun decorating eggs


Easter fun decorating eggs

We had a couple of hours of fun using things around the house and 4 eggs – brilliant!  The eggs were then placed in the glass jars or you can use egg cups, and displayed on the mantelpiece above the fire.  Super cheap and simple Easter fun to get you in the Easter crafting mood.

Have a look round your house for crafting supplies.  Some ideas of things to use to decorate your hard boiled eggs –  glue, pens, felt tips, paints, paper, feathers, googly eyes, stickers, glitter, card, foil and crayons.