Miniature schnauzer birthday cake for my dad

For my dad’s birthday I knew straight away what cake I wanted to make him, it had to be a miniature schnauzer cake.  Earlier this year they got a dog called Teddy and he is absolutely gorgeous.  He seems very happy in his new home and follows my dad around the house as his shadow.  I was torn between a couple of different designs but decided to do with a 2D dog design (may save the other design for my mum’s birthday next year!)

Whilst visiting my mum and dad I spent ages trying to get a really good picture of Teddy showing his face and the colours and details, however he just wouldn’t stay still and kept trying to get close for a cuddle rather than pose for a photo!

These 2D cakes are really simple to make and are super effective.  I decided to shape the cake a little before covering it in icing, so I carved the bottom in and added cake at the top for his ears, however you can leave the cake round and simply place the design straight on top of it.

Once I had coloured all my icing I then got to work rolling out the colours, cutting out the shapes required and placing them on top of the cake.  I find using a piece of paper and a pencil is best as I can sketch out the shape and size of piece I need, then cut it out and use it as a template for cutting the icing out.

Miniature schnauzer
Miniature schnauzer

When we arrived at my mum and dads for birthday celebrations I was keen to ask everyone who it was meant to be and everyone, including my 4 year old nephew knew it was Teddy – yeay!!

This sponge cake was a no gluten cake and I have finally mastered my no-gluten sponge cake recipe. I was so happy with how it turned out and I will share the recipe on another blog to follow soon.

A special birthday cake for a Westie dog lover

This is an 8” round vanilla sponge cake with Jam and vanilla frosting filling.  Made to order for a Westie lover’s birthday.  The simple design of paw prints was made using black icing and two different size circle cutters.  The paw prints were then placed around the cake, which had been covered in white ready roll fondant.  You can buy cutters and moulds to make paw prints but small circle cutters work really well.

The modelled Westie dog on top was made from white fondant, shaped into a dog and left to harden overnight.  To give the fur effect I used white fondant mixed with a little water to create a paste which can then be piped using a piping bag and a grass nozzle.

The cake was then finished off with a tartan ribbon and a birthday message.

Hours of Fun wishes Julia a fantastic birthday, hope you loved your Westie cake.

Westie cake
Westie cake