Graduating as a Doctor – A time to celebrate with cake!

I was asked to do a graduation cake for a special someone graduating to become a doctor, I had done a cake for their 21st birthday when they were off to train as a doctor, so I was honoured to be asked again.  The previous cake was a doctors coat, click here to see pictures.  Therefore we wanted this cake to be a little different but on the same theme.

The mortarboard on the top of the cake was made from homemade rice crispie squares.  This was the first time I had used rice crispie squares and couldn’t believe how easy they were to make.  I followed nigella’s recipe, click here to try it yourself.

The decorations were made from ready roll fondant, coloured as required.  The message was written on a bandage, all this was decorating an 8” round chocolate sponge with chocolate frosting.  Congratulations Nicola, you have done amazing and your dad is super proud.



Graduation doctors
Graduation doctors

hours of fun home made cake doctor nurse graduation

Leaving work to pursue her dream and train as a nurse – Good luck Carmel!


An email came round work letting us know about the collection being held for one of our HR girls who was leaving work.  I replied asking if it would be ok to do a cake as my contribution as we could have a themed cake we can present to her on her last day – any excuse for cake!!


Carmel is heading off to pursue her dream to be a nurse; therefore the theme was set we just needed a design.  I have previously done a doctors coat cake and a nurse cake so I fancied doing something different and when doing a cake for fun you get to be a bit more experimental or do something different.

Carmel's nursing cake for leaving work

I decided to go for a simple round cake with some models on as I really fancied making a nurse’s hat and plasters!  I had seen lots of cakes with them on whilst on google looking at ideas and it was the hat and plasters that stood out as fun to do.

We presented Carmel with her cake on the last day and she commented that it was the nicest looking cake she had ever been given – thanks Carmel!   

We wish her all the success in her new exciting adventure and hope to ‘not’ see her soon as if we do it may mean we are in hospital requiring treatment from her!

Vanilla Sponge with butterscotch buttercream filling.