Darth Vader raving cake!

One of the great things about making cakes for friends is you can have some fun coming up with ideas and designing them. For my husband’s best friend’s birthday we wanted to go with a music theme as he has recently been doing lots of mixing. There was a time when this would mean on decks with records but in the new age of technology we live in now he mixes on his iPad with an app!

Making a cake in the shape of decks would be a lot of fun, however making a cake shaped as an iPad with the screen representing the app isn’t quite as much fun! I decided the best way to create the cake would be to get an edible print out of the screen and pop it on top of the cake. Sadly this was not possible in the time we had as my local printer is currently unable to complete orders whilst she moves location. We needed a new idea so I set my husband the challenge to find a cake design we could use on a square cake.
He chose a picture of Darth Vader DJ-ing and we decided to go with a silhouette replica of the design with a 3D disco ball. It was a simple design which would fit within in our time scales and would also fit on the cake I had already baked! I cut out Darth Vader and the decks in pieces of rolled out fondant and placed them on the cake, the disco ball was added to the top and with the birthday boys name added the cake was done – yeay!
2D cakes are a fab way to practice your cake decorating skills without having to deal with structural concerns or modelling skills. You can build a picture up by cutting out individual pieces from rolled out fondant and placing them on the cake. If you are unsure about drawing and getting pictures to scale you can print out the picture you want and the cut the different sections out and place them on the icing to cut around.


Darth Vader raving
Darth Vader raving