Free Cakes for Kids Liverpool – supporting an amazing cause and having fun doing it!

I wanted to give an update on the latest cakes i have made for Free Cakes for Kids.  One was a Spiderman cake for a little boy, which was a lot of fun to make.  I went with a blue cake covered in a massive spider’s web, with Spiderman’s head on the top.  This is a fairly easy design for a cake and I had a lot of fun with the piping bag and some fondant mixed with a little water to draw the web on.



The other was for a retiring head teacher.  The school he was leaving had joined up with Free Cakes for Kids and would be ordering cakes through them in the future.  After having a look at the School’s website I decided to go with green and white with a brown picket fence.

Happy retirement


The latest cake was dinosaur cake for a special birthday boy.  I had so much fun making this cake.  I had made a dinosaur cake for my best friend a couple of years ago (click here for the pictures) so I was keen to try a different dinosaur.  He was made from vanilla sponge cake with vanilla frosting.  He was made from a 8″ square cake and some rice crispie squares, stacked then carved to shape.




I have enjoyed getting involved with Free Cakes for Kids so much and attended their network day at the central library a few weeks ago, which was a fantastic event and a lot of fun. I love what the charity stands for and as I bake cakes lots of cakes anyway a few extra here and there makes no difference to me but it makes a little boy or girl very happy.  I am hoping I can get involved more with the charity and support them in providing this amazing service across Liverpool.  If you enjoy baking cakes and fancy getting involved visit their website to find your nearest contact.

A cake from the 50 easy party cakes book – purple dinosaur cake yeay!

For Lorraine’s birthday the tradition continued in choosing a cake from the 50 easy party cakes book.  I had 3 cakes on all due for the same day so it had to be as straight forward as the book allows yet still fab!

There are so many amazing cakes in this book by Debbie Brown.  We have made mini monster cakes, a shopping bags cake, a ladybird, clown’s face, a bookworm cake and a flower power cake.  There are still so many to do.

The dinosaur cake in the book is blue with yellow spots, but I chose to go with purple.   When doing cakes for friends for fun you can have a look what you have already in the cupboard and incorporate it into the design, simply changing a colour or adding sparkles or silver balls.

The dinosaur cake was made by baking 1 cake in a pyrex bowl, covering it in icing.  The head, tail and legs get added afterwards, with the head being placed on a dowel for support which is then inserted into the main body of the dinosaur to make sure it stays in place.

He looked fab travelling in the box with his head poking out and when it was time to cut the cake he was placed on display in the kitchen, just a neck and head 😦 !