Fabulous handmade cakes by Hours of Fun!

A few more cakes to catch up on before we become all about Christmas!  First up is a special birthday cake made for a 30th celebration.  This cake was a 2 tier chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream filling.   Each tier was decorated with printed photographs of the birthday girl, they were printed onto icing and backed with a black icing boarder.  The cake topper was a guitar made out of Fimo modelling clay with shooting stars coming out the top.  The birthday girl is a massive Stereophonics fan so the guitar was styled on a Gibson SG which is one of the guitars Kelly Jones is known for.



This cake was so much fun to make and I got to use my musical notes mould for the design.  I also loved the opportunity to make another cake topper out of Fimo which will be a forever keepsake for the birthday girl to remind her of her special day and birthday cake.


Next up is a cake for a crossword lover and Liverpool FC fan.  This cake was a 10” vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream filling.  Decorated to look like a table covered in a table cloth.  On the top of the cake there was a partly completed crossword puzzle and pen with a cup of coffee, with the mug decorated with a liver bird Liverpool Football Club design.


I loved making the table cloth for this cake, decorating the pink cover with daisies cut out of white icing, then using the same daisy cutter to emboss onto the white piece of table cloth.  The crossword puzzle was printed onto edible rice paper and the pen and cup were made from fondant icing.  If doing this cake again I think I would get the crossword printed out onto icing rather than rice paper as I think printed icing gives a better finished look than printed rice paper.

Last up are cupcakes decorated with printed photographs for the birthday boy.  The birthday boy’s wife sent over a selection of photographs she wanted to include and I ordered them online to be printed onto icing from EdiblePrints.  The quality of the photographs sent over was good, when they are printed onto icing they do lose a little of the quality but still looked fabulous.  The cupcakes were made up of two flavours – lemon and vanilla and they smelt delicious when all displayed in the box together.  Each cupcake was decorated with a swirl in buttercream then topped with a circle of black icing, with the edible photograph on top.


Cupcakes for all occasions

There has been a flurry of cupcakes orders received at Hours of Fun over the last few weeks.  Cupcakes for Teachers, Olympic parties, Maternity leave, Birthdays and Hen Parties.

First up we have Olympic rings and medals topping a vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream.  Helping to celebrate the end of the Olympics at an office party.


I love buying new cake equipment and tools and these order gave me the perfect excuse to buy a new mould.  This mould is full of super cute baby items which I used to top these Vanilla, Red Velvet and Chocolate cupcakes.


Maternity leave baby cupcakes

Thank you gifts for Teachers at the end of the year can be tricky; you may want to stick to a budget, try to buy them something different or leave it so late it ends up being a last minute panic.  Cupcakes are a lovely way to say thank you and come in a box with a handmade tag that the child can write themselves.  We can do any flavour and also offer a gluten free cupcakes for anyone with a gluten allergy.

Teacher cupcakes

I’ve had a few hen do cake orders however this was the first time I had been asked for rude ones!  You know what this meant – time for a new mould!!  These were a lot of fun to make and when delivered to the customer’s work place, they caused a big discussion and attracted a lot of attention!  The cake toppers were made from fondant and placed on top of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, some of the toppers were even chocolate flavoured!!

Hen do cupcakes

Birthday cupcakes come in all shapes and sizes.  These were lemon and vanilla cupcakes with photos printed on to sheets of icing as the toppers.  Printing onto edible icing or rice paper is a fabulous way to personalise a cake.

Birthday photos

Last up with have bright and colourful daisy cupcakes.  A mixture of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes baked in cases decorated with daisies.  Two different colours were piped together to create the striking swirl with a fondant daisy placed on top.    These were ordered as a leaving gift at work.

Rainbow cupcakes

Cupcakes are £1.50 each or buy a box of 12 for £15.00 and are perfect for all occasions.

Cupcake decorating at the Wallasey Village Royal Summer Fete


The Hours of Fun stall headed to Wallasey Village Library for the village Royal Summer Fete.  The village had bouncy castles, a fun fair, lots of stalls and street entertainment and then we were located up at the library.  We were a little out the way of the main activities which was a shame really as the main street was really busy.  We had a steady trickle of people coming in, to wander around the stalls and the kids completed the treasure hunt around the library.

The Hours of Fun cupcake stall was visited by lots of families and some fantastic cupcakes were made.  We had red (or slightly pink!), blue and white buttercream, with lots of different sprinkles and as a finishing touch there were crowns and Union Jack flags.  The children had lots of fun and the adults took photos and treated themselves to an already decorated cupcake – choosing between Chocolate Orange and Salted Caramel.

The cupcake stall was only open from 1-3pm as I had to head off to another workshop starting at 4pm.  Wish I could have stayed longer – hope the rest of the day went well for the other stall holders.


If you want the Hours of Fun cupcake stall to head to your event or party – get in touch.  We can theme it to anything from a Superhero children’s party to a Vintage style Hen party.



Royal summer fete cupcakes (1)

Royal summer fete cupcakes (3)

Royal summer fete cupcakes (2)

Cupcake decorating at Oakmere Community College

I first met Rachel from Oakmere Community College back in August at the Liverpool Loves Business network event and we got talking about the college and we agreed I would get in touch to see if there were any workshops I could offer the college as part of their enrichment studies.

I headed down to the college and met with Rachel and Andy and had a little tour around.  The college feels really welcoming and everyone I met was lovely, it gave me a fantastic feeling about the place and the work they do for their students and I was keen to get involved.

The first workshop was cupcake decorating and we set up in the canteen which was perfectally placed next to the kitchen.  The room and facilities were fantastic.

The course ran for the catering and hair and beauty groups, so this was something a little different to compliment and widen their studying experience.

The theme was Halloween and each student was shown how to make 4 different designs.

ghost cupcake witches hat cupcake Pumpkin cupcake Spiders web cupcake

They all got stuck in and created some fantastic cupcakes, helping each other out, asking questions and resisting eating any of them for as long as they possibly could!

Sadly I didnt get chance to take any photos, but head over to the college website and check out the pictures they took Oakmere Community College News


Minion party madness

Hours of Fun headed to Formby recently for a 7th birthday party for Olivia, with a full on Minion theme.

After decorating the venue with lots of yellow and blue balloons and bunting, and some super cute Minion helium balloons, we then started the birthday party off with some badge making, then straight onto cupcake box decorating, where the children made some fantastic Minion boxes all ready for when they decorated their cupcakes.

This was the first time I had the pleasure of working alongside Jumping Jacks and they were fantastic.  They kept the kids entertained, lots of games and dancing and Minion Dave made a special appearence to dance with the birthday group.

Hours of Fun ran a Minion cupcake decorating session, where each of the children decorated 4 cupcakes, creating their own Minions with ready roll icing and buttercream.  Learning some different techniques and how to use a piping bag.

It was a fun packed Minion day and Olivia seemed to enjoy every minute of it.

We stuck around to help clear up, making sure Olivia got her handmade, personalised bunting to take home, then headed home ready to unpack and put our feet up after a Minion jam packed party.

The party was held at the Harington Centre in Formby which was the perfect venue for a party.  The hall is a good size, with kitchen facilities and lots of tables and chairs available.


Hen do cupcakes

I was asked to make some cupcakes for a hen do.  We went through some ideas and a few pictures were chosen to give the direction for the design.

We went for red and white colours keeping them pretty, staying away from any rude decorations!  I used the texture rolling pins and mats to imprint the icing, then using cutters I did four different designs across the cupcakes.  I had a lot of fun making them, sat at my cake table cutting out shapes and frilling some of them.

The cupcakes are a mixture of chocolate and vanilla sponge, placed in cupcake boxes that hold 12.

Hen do cupcakes red and white design1 Hen do cupcakes red and white design2 Hen do cupcakes red and white design3

Easter fun – baking cupcakes and decorating them in a Easter theme

If you are reading this on the Hours of Fun online Shop, please click here to go to the full post to see the picture galleries.

On Tuesday night I should have been straight into the house from work and embarking on a painting mission then at the laptop updating my ideas library.  This however was not quite how the night panned out!  I came home feeling rather tired and lacking energy, so comfy clothes went on, painting was ignored and I had a desire to make Easter cupcakes.

I got to try out my new orange silicone cupcake cases which worked fantastically and i did a range of sizes of cupcake as I needed to use some cases up.  Whilst they were baking I pulled out everything that could be used for decorating them from the cupboards.

Easter cupcakes

I went for nest eggs using crushed up flake pieces with mini eggs placed in the middle.  I also crushed up more flake and sprinkled the flakes round some carrots made from fondant .  Daffodils made from fondant and some grass effect using the technique of pushing fondant through a sieve with more mini eggs in the middle.  Fun to make and fun to eat!!

I mainly used items I already had in my cupboards.  I had some pink buttercream that I used up, some coloured pieces of fondant ready for modelling and took a trip to the supermarket to get some flakes and mini eggs.  If you don’t have any fondant in the house you can buy fab decorating kits at some supermarkets which include coloured ready to roll icing and coloured icing pens

Have a search on the Internet for further ideas if you want then get to having fun in the kitchen at Easter.

Cupcakes – I am still unclear on how I feel about them!!

A friend at work asked if I could do some cupcakes for her daughter’s birthday and despite the request and how I may feel about cupcakes, I hear the words ‘yes course I can’ come out of my mouth.  Cupcakes hey….. still not sure on where I stand with them!!

The design was simple lots of pink.  The first part of making the cupcakes was looking at boxes and cupcake cases, this part was fun!  I haven’t spent much time looking at options for different coloured and patterned cases, and then I saw you could get matching boxes with cupcake holders in them – brilliant!  I love placing my orders with cake stuff.com and normally it is made up of mostly boxes and lids for cakes to go in, with the odd little treat for myself.  This time my treat was purple glitter and new daisy plunger set and my boxes included new designs and shapes.

Next stage of cupcakes is to make them.  My friend Lou Lou is a bit of a master with cupcakes and a piping bag full of buttercream.  She advised me early on to ensure I use decent cupcake cases which are slightly larger than the ones you can often get in the supermarket, but not quite as large as muffin cases.  They are also stronger and keep their shape better, especially if you place them in a muffin baking tray.  So far so good.

Final stage is decorating and this is the stage I am not too keen on!  I find that my piping bags seem to split a lot, regardless of how full they are or how I hold them and squeeze them.  There is also the fun of colouring the buttercream as the final shade depends on a lot of factors – amount of colouring used, type of butter used, temperature in the room at the time …..  Then you have different nozzles for different techniques and patterns, and if this wasnt enough you have to then repeat your decoration a number of times.  If you are simply doing swirls then this is not too repetitive, however if you are modelling or decorating them in a theme or with some detail then this can be extremely time-consuming.  Give me 1 large cake to decorate over cupcakes anytime!!

I was really happy with the cupcakes when they were done and I hope Emily had a fantastic birthday party.  I gave them my cupcake stand too so they could display them on the table with the food.

I am still however, not sure if I am a fan of cupcakes!  I love eating them and I will happily make them for anyone that asks, I just don’t think I would choose to make them.  I also may have a panic attack if anyone asked for them to be done for their wedding cake!!