Crown Green Bowling cake means time for a new cake tin!

My dad loves to play bowls and for his birthday this year we took this theme and ran with it (although I’m not sure if running is allowed on the green!!).

I had been thinking it must be time to buy a new cake tin as I hadn’t bought one for a while!  For this cake we needed a ball cake tin and surely this tin would get used lots so I was excited about the purchase.

Ball cake tin (2)

The 2 tins come with a stand each which you can see underneath the ball on the above picture.   I believe the next picture shows how verstile this cake tin can be!

Ball cake tin cake

I baked 2 cakes, one a chocolate sponge, the other a vanilla gluten free sponge.  Covered them both in black icing and using left over cake I make a large cake pop for the jack and covered it in white icing.

The board was covered in green icing to create the crown green, with the 2 bowls placed on top, next to the jack.

Crown green bowls cake for my dad

This turned out to be a good experiment even though I didn’t plan it to be!  I have been working on my gluten free sponge cake recipe for a while now, trying to improve the stability of the cake.  It worked well when carving a shape out of the sponge – click here for the cake pictures

However in this situation the gluten free cake started to sag and lose it’s shape.   I managed to shape it back a little with my hands, however if I did this again I would put a board in the middle where the 2 cakes meet and a couple of dowels to help it to stay strong.

We played a couple of hours of indoor bowls with the family, which had been booked as a surprise for my dad.  We then headed back to my sisters for slow cooked pork sandwiches and rhurbarb, gooseberry and blackberry homemade crumble which was all delicious and of course we ate birthday cake.