Easter fun crafting session at West Kirby Library

As part of the Festival of Firsts the Hours of Fun workshop headed down to West Kirby Library to run an Easter hat making make and take stall.

The hats were made from paper plates and bowls, with recycled cardboard pieces available to use to add to the design and create masterpieces!

The children got busy making the hats, coming up with lots of different designs and decorating them in a variety of ways.  They used shredded tissue paper to create birds nests which they then stuck little fluffy chickens in.  They used tissue paper to cover the plates and bowls creating bright and colourful hats.  They used beads, feathers and gems to add bling, more colour and style, finishing them off with a piece of ribbon they could tie under the chin to keep the hats on their heads.

It was a fantastic venue for the craft session and I really enjoyed being in the library.  The staff were very friendly and even brought me cups of tea which was very much appreciated.  I was lucky to have two volunteers work with me for some of the session too.  Adam and Wayne are both completing their Duke of Edinburg Award and have been spending some time at the library helping out.  They were both fantastic, assisting children with their hats, making sure the table was kept stocked with supplies and chatting with the parents too.

I had a lovely day and look forward to future opportunities to craft there.


Summer holidays Frozen party – snowballs, trolls and party bag fun

Hours of Fun headed over to Kirby to run a Frozen party, a Saturday morning activity for the children to keep them entertained during the summer holidays.  Also the perfect excuse for the adults to get together for a catch up and a BBQ!

This was the first time we had run a party in someone’s home and it went really well.  Instead of decorating the house we provided all the children with a helium balloon to take home with their party bag, along with their amazing creations they made at the craft table.

We set up around the dinning room table and the children got busy making badges and designing frozen cups for our snowball game.   After a competitive snowball competition we headed back to the craft table to make a troll.  The children and adults loved the troll idea.  They got to create their own trolls using shredded paper, googly eyes, tissue paper, gems and pompoms.  An amazing range of trolls were made all different and unique in their own way just look there are in Frozen the movie.

It was then time for a quick bounce on the bouncy castle, sit down for party food, following by another go on the bouncy castle.  W e then gathered them all back around the craft table to make their own party bags.  Here they made Olaf and Sven bags and we were so impressed with how they turned out.  The party bags were then loaded up with goodies including their own Frozen cupcake to take home.

If you want to book your own Frozen themed party contact Hours of Fun for details.

Having a lot of fun with crafts and creating some master pieces

The craft fair at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool was the venue for our latest ‘make and take’ craft table.  This is the event run by Dotty Delightful, who puts on a fab event, with lots of advertising and the Winter Gardens is a fantastic venue due to its location and style.

We were there for 2 days – Saturday and Sunday and we set up the craft table, laying out all the sequins, glitter glues, paper, ribbon, feathers, stickers and much more.  The craft table enticed lots of budding crafters who took a seat and got to work on their design.  They had the option of decorating a jungle animal, a foam door hanger or a paper plate.

Below are photographs taken throughout the weekend showing the amazing creations and the craft table.

Hand Embroidery update – Craft of the Month SEPTEMBER

I am finding my adventure into Hand embroidery lots of fun and I know I have only scrapped the surface of this craft.

So far this month I have completed a cross stitch piece as I havent done one for a while and I wanted to make sure I could remember how! I picked a nice easy one that wouldn’t take too much time and expanded it to allow for some free design practice.   

I was not very happy with how the stars turned out.  I am not keen on using black thread to outline pictures, it works well on text but for pictures I think it can look better with a complimenting colour or darker shade to the centre.  The instructions said black so I stuck with it, but I would go back to my method for future patterns.   I now have plans for more hand embroidery projects in the lead up to Christmas which I will share pictures off as they are completed. 

I have been putting together an embroidery help sheet, using things I already know and things I have found out during my research so far.  I hope this help sheet will be useful to needlework beginners, those a bit rusty and anyone else looking for some basic hints and tips.  There will also be a basic stitches sheet which is sent with the children’s tapestry kits available at Hours of Fun.  I think they are super useful so will make them available for download to all.

Click here to check out Hours of Fun tapestry kits

I am also setting up a new Hours of Fun Library to store all these documents in, it will be a place to come and find crafting information, download instructions for kits and products available from the Hours of Fun Shop.  This will all be available by Sunday so keep yours eyes peeled.

There will also be a section on useful links to organisations and guilds I have learnt about and details of any memberships I have taken up.  You will be able to comment on all of this information, share it with others and provide feedback on anything else you would like to know about. 

We will then start looking forward to October’s Craft of the Month


Fun in the house with stock, packaging and stationary – its heaven!

We have always had crafty stuff in our house and I often take over the house with it!  For a card making session everything can make its way downstairs in to the lounge and spread out all over the floor!  If I am playing with fleece it covers the floor with fluffy bits when cutting it and I also create quite a lot of mess in the kitchen when playing cakes – I have such a patient husband!!

I have had so much fun so far receiving my first packaging order, my first stock order and sorting shelves for storing everything.  Before the packaging arrived I had not even considered storage space for bags, then it arrived in 4 fairly big boxes – more stuff yeay!

I have received 1 main stock order so far, with the second being placed only last night which I can’t wait for as I am trying out a new supplier and building up the embroidery section on the website.

Hours of Fun now has dates in the diary for craft fairs between now and Christmas.

Click below to check out the dates and put them in your diary.  Have a fab day out, save money on no delivery charges and be the first to buy new products not yet available on the website.

Hours of Fun Craft Fair Dates