Making a lighthouse crafting fun

One of my favourite things about Hours of Fun is working with groups on craft projects.  I have done a few craft sessions with St John the Baptist Church in Meols over the last few years through working with the Festival of Firsts.  This time however, I was working with them directly as Hours of Fun and I was honoured they had asked me to get involved.

Every year they have a weekend of fun for the Youth Fellowship groups that meet at the church for children aged between 7 and 16.  I headed down to the church to join them on the Saturday and we had a few sessions booked in for crafts throughout the day.  The theme for the weekend was the ‘I AM’ statements and it had been decided we would build a big lighthouse to represent the statement ‘I AM THE LIGHT’.

Prior to the weekend I had made a lighthouse structure that could be decorated and covered by the children.  The structure was made from garden canes and wire with strips of paper wrapped around it to give the lighthouse panels something to stick to.


Each child decorated a panel which was cut to shape out of cardboard.  They used paint and paper to decorate the panels, designing them individually.  Some drew lighthouses, others went for a traditional striped pattern and others went for their own unique design inspired by light and water.  The panels were then attached to the lighthouse structure and placed in the centre of the church ready for the church service the following morning, which would be run by the children themselves.

craft-group-project-making-a-lighthouse-1  craft-group-project-making-a-lighthouse-2 craft-group-project-making-a-lighthouse-3 craft-group-project-making-a-lighthouse-22

For the top of the lighthouse the children constructed a piece to go around the light using transparent sheets and tape.  The lighthouse was stood on top of a table and the table was decorated with animals made by the children.

The light house was around 6ft tall when finished and looked fantastic, the children had done an amazing job.  The light was turned on for the church service and it was lovely to see some of the children taking their parents up to the lighthouse to show them which panels and animals they had made.

We had so much fun and they are a fantastic group to work with, getting involved and excited about crafts and letting their imagination run wild.

If you want to book Hours of Fun for your group sessions get in touch.

Pirate party with a chocolate workshop


Aaarrgghh it’s pirate party time!

Hours of Fun were booked in for Olga’s 5th birthday party celebrating in pirate fashion with a chocolate workshop.  I was super excited about the chocolate workshop and couldn’t wait to make pirate lollies with the birthday girl and her friends; we were also going to decorate pirate cookies.

The party kicked off with some fantastic badge making, followed by lots of games and fun.  Then it was workshop time and we all sat down at the chocolate table with aprons on and sleeves rolled up ready to get messy.  We used PME chocolate melting pots for the chocolate which I am officially in love with as they are amazing, I just need to invest in some more of them now!  We made the lollies then popped them to one side to set and some amazing cookies were created. We had pirate shapes  including a ship, a pirate and skull and cross bones.

The children seemed to really enjoy themselves and their creations were amazing.  After washing all the chocolate off their faces, arms and hands it was time for more games and a treasure hunt, then we all sat down for some food and drink – well deserved after all the pirate fun.

The birthday girl helped to give out the party boxes full of pirate treats included a special Hours of Fun make you own pompom pirate kit.

The party was held at the Vagabond Lawn Tennis club which was again a fantastic venue, very accommodating and a brilliant sized room for the party and workshop.

We hope Olga had a swashbuckling time.

Massive thanks to my helpers for the day – Jo, Charlie and my Mum with Kev and my Dad helping to set up.