40th birthday celebrations called for a champagne bucket cake for an Aston Villa fan

I received an order through the website asking if I could do an ice bucket cake like the one they had seen on my website but with a few changes and the additional decoration around the board based on Aston Villa Football cake.

The ice bucket was made from a 6” and an 8” round sponge cake layered and shaped to create the bucket.  The bottle was a real bottle of Carva supported in the ice bucket by a couple of dowels going down through the cake to the board and the ice cubes were foxes glacier mints.

The glass was secured to the board and the birthday girl was modelled from coloured icing and tylo powder to help keep the shape.  The glass was filled with icing coloured in Aston Villa colours with sugar crystals sprinkled around the model to give it a sparkling finish.

Aston Villa champagne
Aston Villa champagne

The Aston Villa badges were printed onto edible icing and positioned on the board as decoration with an extra one placed on the back of the ice bucket – I had a spare one and didn’t want it to be wasted!

The cake survived a drive to Birmingham and was the centre piece for the 40th birthday celebrations.  It was a lot of fun to make.

aston villa ice bucket cake (2)


aston villa ice bucket cake (3)