Aqua aerobics class celebrating a 70th birthday

This cake was so much fun to make and it allowed me to use Candy melts again which I love using and they create a fab water effect – perfect for a swimming pool cake.

The cake was a vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream filling.  Made from an 8″ square cake, shaped into a rectangle.  The brief was Aqua Aerobics and it seems there have not been many Aqua Aerobic themed cakes made and put on the internet so far.


The board was covered in white icing, then using a square plunger cutter I marked it to look like tiles and replaced a few white tiles for green tiles.  The sides of the cake were done in a similar way, this time the lines were made using a ruler with a few squares cut out with the plunger cutter and replaced with green.


The models were made and left to set over night, then in the morning I melted the candy melts and poured the mixture over the top of the cake and placed the models in before it set.


Hey presto an Aqua Aerobics themed cake!!



Aqua aerobics 70th birthday cake (1) Aqua aerobics 70th birthday cake (2) Aqua aerobics 70th birthday cake (3) Aqua aerobics 70th birthday cake (4) Aqua aerobics 70th birthday cake (5)

Catching up on 2015 cakes – next up scooters and record players

I was asked to make 2 cakes for a special person turning 60.  They were having a weekend away with family and a party – of which both occasions needed a cake!

The theme we went for was the birthday boy’s scooter, his pride and joy he had bought a couple of years ago.

Cake number 1 was a round 8″ chocolate sponge cake covered in white icing.   It had a scarf draped around it in the Everton colours and a model of the scooter and the birthday boy on top.  The scooter was made from ready roll icing mixed with Tylo powder to strengthen it and it had a few lolly pop sticks in it to help it stay stood up.

I have since heard from the birthday boy that he placed the model of himself on top of the scooter and has kept them in a box with all the cake toppers taken from his son’s birthday cakes – they must have quite a random selection in this box including Mike the Knight, Darth Vader and George on a scooter!!

Georges 60th cake 1 scooter and george everton colours

The second cake was for the party and more cake was needed so we went for 2 tiers of chocolate sponge cake, one 10″ square and one 8″ square.

The bottom tier was decorated as a Union Jack flag – this was the only section of the cake that was allowed to have red on it, as the birthday boy is a fanatic Everton fan so it’s blue all the way for him!

The top tier was decorated to look like a record player and we had one of his favourite records playing – Play that funky music.  The arm for the needle was made from a GBS Chocolate mint stick, these are similar to Matchmakers but are smooth on the outside and 1 stick was the perfect size for the record player.

Happy Birthday George – hope you have finally recovered from all the celebrations!!


60th birthday mod record player union jack cake (1)

A sea monster cake for a double birthday celebration


Cake can be a fantastic present to give someone for their birthday, if you are counting your pennies, or unsure of what to get someone, a homemade cake can say it all.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy if that’s not your skill base.  Just do some sneaky digging into what their favourite flavour sponge or bake is and try your hand at making it for them.

For our friend’s two boy’s birthdays we we unsure what to get them as we knew they would get lots of amazing toys and we are saving like mad for a holiday next year.  As they were having a joint birthday party it was decided I would make the party cake as their presents.

A sea monster theme was set and I tried doing waves for the first time.  I used fondant mixed with Tylo powder to strengthen it, then piped along the top of each wave with fondant mixed with a little water to create a paste which can be used in a piping bag.  You could also use royal icing for the tops of the waves.

Seb and Harry sea monster birthday cake (2)


Sea monster cake
Sea monster cake

Graduation cake, cake to say congratulations

Graduation is a perfect opportunity for cake and it is a lovely way to say congratulations.

This cake was a chocolate sponge with chocolate filling.  The mortar board (graduation cap) was made from a small chocolate sponge cake covered in icing.

When the weather is warm fondant can be tricky to work with as the heat makes it soften.  To keep the shape of the scroll I placed a drinking straw inside it and left it there until delivery was due.  This made sure the fondant set in the shape I wanted even with the warm weather.


graduation cake
graduation cake

Baking just for fun

Over the last few weeks we have had  a couple of free cakes for kids orders to fulfil and a couple of birthdays which I wanted to mark with a cake but wanted to keep simple to keep the cost and time involved to a minimum as we have been busy bees here at Hours of Fun.    Rather than have to say no to cake when I am busy I like to come up with simple yet effective and delicious solutions that can be implemented instead.

Free cakes for kids latest bakes have been cupcakes – which were vanilla sponge with vanilla frosting and toffee sponge with banana frosting.  I also did a cake for a special music lover which was an 8 round decorated in black and white with musical notes.  Following making this cake I have added a musical notes cutter or mould onto my wish list!  The cake was vanilla sponge with jam and vanilla frosting for the filling.  I have also made a giant cupcake for a special girl’s birthday.Banana and toffee and cherry and almond cupcakes


Music birthday cake
Music birthday cake
Giant cupcake with bunting
Giant cupcake with bunting


For a friend of mine I made a 5 layer lemon sponge with lemon curd and vanilla frosting filling.  It was decorated with a sprinkle of icing sugar and only just fit inside the cake box it was so tall!    This was made using a 6” round tin.

4 tier lemon sponge cake


Another cake was made using a 6” heart shaped tin.  Again this was a lemon cake with lemon curd and vanilla frosting filling.  Covered in a layer of ready roll icing and decorated as a parcel using pink ready roll icing for the ribbon and bow.  I placed the cake slightly off centre on the board to allow room for a message to be added saying Happy Birthday.  This shows how a small cake on a small board can look really effective and keep the costs down.

Heart parcel
Heart parcel


For my nephews birthday we wanted to give him a cake but keep the idea simple as he is planning on having a birthday party in a few weeks which I will make a cake for him to have then too.  As I have been doing quite a bit of edible printing recently I decided to get a Guardian’s of the Galaxy print out done which could be placed on top of the cake.  The cake was then covered in stars to finish it off.  The picture was printed onto rice paper this time and is stuck to the cake using a little bit of frosting.  The cake was a chocolate sponge with vanilla flavoured filling.

Guardians of the galaxy
Guardians of the galaxy


Other bakes have been carrot cookies which went a little wrong!  Orange buscuits which were lovely.

carrot cookies Chocolate orange biscuits


Chocolate eclairs and a chocolate tart made by Kev which were both delicious.

chocolate tart chocolate eclairs


Football cake for a football lover

Football themed cakes are popular and with living in Liverpool they are mostly Liverpool or Everton.  I was asked if I could make a Liverpool FC themed cake for a 70th birthday celebration.  They had originally asked for a number cake 7 and 0 which I would have been happy to do however I am keen to please all my customers and a numbered cake often works out quite expensive when you have two numbers as the tins used are equal to two cakes which is a lot of cake.  I gave them a quote for the 70 shaped cake and also gave them some prices for some other designs which they loved and decided to go for the Liverpool FC shirt cake.

This cake was a vanilla sponge with jam and vanilla frosting filling.  Shaped as a football shirt with the number 70 on the back and the birthday boy’s name.  The board was decorated in green to represent a football pitch.

Liverpool FC shirt
Liverpool FC shirt

My birthday cakes made with love by my sister, niece and friend

I often get asked did I have to make my own birthday cake however I am lucky enough to have amazing friends and family who make me a cake for my birthday and on more than one occasion I have received more than one cake!

This year my niece and sister got busy making a delicious chocolate sponge with chocolate filling.  My niece has really been getting into all her baking and if we have time we often get together in the kitchen to make something.  My older niece who is 17 has become very talented in the kitchen and tries her hand at anything and it always seems to come out fantastic.  She lives down south and was not able to come up north for the birthday celebrations but she guided my sister and niece through the cake baking process and helped them with the recipe and instructions – excellent team work!

The cake was decorated in more chocolate with chocolate stars on top.  It was absolutely delicious and  we had cake as desert after a gorgeous home cooked birthday meal with the family, made by my brother-in-law on the weekend before my birthday.  I was very proud of their creation and hard work they had put in to making it and it was delicious.

my birthday cake 2015 by Kirsty and Hannah


On my actual birthday we had friends over as it was mid-week and my amazingly talented friend Lou Lou gave me an amazing cake made as a woven basket with knitting needles and wool.  Each year she makes me a fantastic cake using her skills she has developed over the last few years baking cakes of all shapes and sizes.  The cake was vanilla sponge with banana flavoured frosting.  It was massive and also had more cake on top as the wool was made from chocolate chip muffins covered in icing.  We all had some as part of our birthday tea then I made sure everyone got some birthday cake to take home. After everyone had gone we still had lots of cake left which lasted us a good few days as desert after tea.

my birthday cake 2015 knitting basket

Check out her facebook page to see some of the amazing cakes she has made.

Fab at 50 beach scene cake

For a 50th birthday celebration a cake is always needed!  The order came through with a brief of – please can we have a beach scene with the birthday girl sunbathing with the message fab at 50, other than that I free to do what I wanted – I love orders like this!  When you have a little time you can have fun with these cakes as it allows you to have a play, try something new and come up with a new design.  I asked a few extra questions such as would the birthday girl be reading whilst sunbathing?  Having a drink?  Any specific colour bikini?  The little bits of detail are what makes a homemade cake so personalised and special.

The cake was my favourite ever sponge flavour – lemon, with a layer of lemon curd and vanilla frosting in the middle.  I had the finished cake in work for a few hours ahead of collection and all I could smell was the lemon sponge and I so wanted to eat it all!!

I covered half the cake in ready to roll fondant coloured blue and the rest of the cake was covered in a mixture of crackers, light brown sugar and dark brown sugar to create a sand effect.  I popped all of this in the electric mixture until it was fine crumbs.  If doing it again I would omit the dark brown sugar as I don’t think it was needed.

The birthday girl sunbathing was made from white modelling chocolate, with a glass, her kindle and flip-flops near by.  I then made a few little star fish and shells which I had a lot of fun making.  The star fish were made by using a small star cutter and icing rolled to approx. 1cm thick.  As I pushed it out of the cutter it shaped liked a star fish, I then used the pointed end of a cellstick to mark a few dots along its back.  The shells were made by cutting out small circles, curling them over the end of a paintbrush , squeezing one end together to create a shell shape, then marking with my cake craft knife a few lines along the top.

Beach scene
Beach scene


Graduating as a Doctor – A time to celebrate with cake!

I was asked to do a graduation cake for a special someone graduating to become a doctor, I had done a cake for their 21st birthday when they were off to train as a doctor, so I was honoured to be asked again.  The previous cake was a doctors coat, click here to see pictures.  Therefore we wanted this cake to be a little different but on the same theme.

The mortarboard on the top of the cake was made from homemade rice crispie squares.  This was the first time I had used rice crispie squares and couldn’t believe how easy they were to make.  I followed nigella’s recipe, click here to try it yourself.

The decorations were made from ready roll fondant, coloured as required.  The message was written on a bandage, all this was decorating an 8” round chocolate sponge with chocolate frosting.  Congratulations Nicola, you have done amazing and your dad is super proud.



Graduation doctors
Graduation doctors

hours of fun home made cake doctor nurse graduation

Hen do cake with cupcakes for the special Bride to be

I was asked to make a cake along with cupcakes for a Hen do, with the bride to be being part of a Muay Thai team.  We designed a boxing ring style cake, with the bride to be stood in the ring in her kit with a hen do sash and tiara on.

The cake and cupcakes were gluten free, although I did include silver balls in the design which do contain gluten so I made sure I let them know this when I delivered the cakes.

Hen do cake, boxing ring with Bride to be
Hen do cake, boxing ring with Bride to be

We made a few adjustments to the cake before it went off to the hen do as it was brought to my attention that they were not too keen on the blue mat.  We hadn’t planned the cake to that much detail so when making it I had googled boxing rings and a lot of them were coming up black and the picture I had been sent also had a black mat.  I was keen to not do black as I felt it would be too dark, so I went with a lighter blue – bad choice as I also found out later that the bride to be was a Liverpool Fan – so we had to get this sorted!

I spent half an hour on it during my lunch at work making a few changes to the cake, changing the mat to white and re-doing the message.  I also added some bunting in the same colours as the cupcakes to bring them together and make it a little more girly.

The changes meant I had a happy customer and I thanked her for letting me know how she felt as it was simple enough for me to make the changes required and we have to ensure the customer is happy with what they buy.