Walking in the Lakes – a ramblers cake

Every so often I get asked to do a fruit cake instead of a sponge cake, and for this order a fruit cake with marzipan was the request.  I used a light fruit cake recipe that I think is perfect for a celebration cake and a little different to a Christmas fruit cake which is often richer and darker.

This cake was for an 80th birthday for someone that loves their walking. The road sign was made from a lolly pop stick painting with edible brown colouring, the signs themselves were made from cardboard.  This cake had to travel from Liverpool to Clitheroe and then to Garstang so I decided cardboard signs would work much better than if they were made out of icing, it would reduce the chance of any breakages!”


ramblers birthday
ramblers birthday


dereks 80th walker themed cake (4) dereks 80th walker themed cake (3)

walking boots
walking boots

Spring colours, shooting stars birthday cake

Chocolate Sponge with Chocolate buttercream filling.  A spring coloured birthday cake to celebrate a 60th birthday.  Simple decoration with stars shooting out from the centre of the cake, stars decorating the cake and Happy Birthday message done using my tappits.  Although they should be called flickits as you clearly have to give them a flick to get the icing out, a tap doesn’t do it!

Sping bursting stars birthday cake (1)

Sping bursting stars birthday cake (2)

golf cake






It was time to take on my second Golf theme cake.  My first golf cake goes down as one of my favourite cakes ever as it was for my fantastic father in law for his 60th birthday and he loved it a lot.  It was a special cake for a very special occasion and I felt a little nervous taking on another one.  Click here to see the post on this super special cake.

This cake was for Phi’s 40th birthday.  A chocolate sponge cake with chocolate frosting filling.  Lots of 40’s were dotted about the cake and a model of a golfer stuck in a sand dune trying to hit the ball out.  I had lots of fun making trees and grass to line the golf course.  I did attempt a gofer for the cake, however when it came to putting it on the cake the dimensions were slightly out and it was a giant gofer so it didn’t make the cake!

Golf golfing cake for Phils 40th birthday


I have recently moved back to making models that are not really edible as I am now using cocktail sticks and skewers to create the frame of the model.  The golfer was stood on a base made from rolled out fondant with tylo powder in, using skewers to support the legs.  This makes the model much more sturdy and easy to move about.  The Mike the Knight cake was the turning point for non-edible models and unless someone really wants to be able to eat the model they will be skewered to the max!!

A cake for Nan’s 94th birthday

We were heading down south for Nan’s birthday get together with the family and we decided a cake would be a fab addition to her present and it would be something she can share out with people in the home and spread the birthday celebrations around.

I had 3 cakes on all due for the same day so I needed a simple yet elegant design and it was Kev who suggested doing something with frills as they do look classy on a cake.

nans birthday cake puple and white daisys and frills  (2)

nans birthday cake puple and white daisys and frills  (3)

nans birthday cake puple and white daisys and frills

It was a simple white and purple cake, with frills and flowers used to decorate it with a birthday message across the top.

I love using my frill tool to create a frilled edge to the decoration and it requires regular practice other wise I seem to lose the technique!  I remember in cake class there were a couple of people who got frilling straight away but for others, including myself it took us a while to actually start making the icing curl rather than it just looking like its been squashed a little!

Happy Birthday Nan, hope you enjoyed eating the cake and sharing it around your friends.