The birthday girl’s favourite Roald Dahl book as a cake!

It was my sister in law’s sister’s birthday party and it wasn’t just any old birthday party, it was to celebrate her turning 40 so a super duper cake was required.  We had a chat about themes and ideas and my sister in law suggested The Twits as that was the birthday girl’s favourite book as a child.   Without any hesitation I jumped on this idea as it sounded like so much fun to make.


The party was a surprise, so in secret we swapped messages as we both did a little research and remembered how fantastic the book is with so many fabulous things in it that we could include on the cake.

I baked a square 8″ lemon sponge and shaped it into a rectangle so it was now a book shape.  I ordered some printing from eat my face who are super quick and efficient at edible printing, this was to be used as the book cover.  I haven’t used rice paper for this type of edible printing before as I have always had the printing done on fondant.  It is good to experiment and I was keen to see how it worked.  If doing it again I would probably choose a book cover to be printed on icing as the rice paper has a tendency to curl up slightly at the edges, so doesn’t want to lie flat.  To combat it’s desire to curl I made a thin border out of strips of icing to frame the printed rice paper sheet and keep it in place.

I baked a 6″ lemon sponge cake which came out with a slight dome where it had risen – this was the perfect shape for a pie, I didn’t have to do anything to it other than slice it to layer it with buttercream.  I then covered it in coloured icing, which I then painted with liquid brown food colouring to give texture and colour.  I crimped the edges using a crimper tool.  I made birds legs from flower paste and left them to go hard overnight.  I then made a few holes in the top of the pie and slotted the legs into place – this created a fabulous Roly-Poly bird pie which I then placed on the board next to the book.



The Twits

This cake was so much fun to make and the birthday girl loved it.  I wasn’t there when she cut into it, but I had requested they got a photo of her eating the pie!!

Roly-Poly bird pie

eating pie

A retirement cake for a very special head teacher

My sister-in-law asked if I could do a retirement cake for her Head who was leaving the school she works at.  I was given three different themes to include – teaching, travelling and Manchester City FC.  Other than that I was free to design it however I fancied as long as there was plenty of cake to share out.

I decided on a book theme as I have made a couple of books cakes before and really enjoyed making them.  I requested titles for the books so we could make them relevant to Alison who was leaving and I used her name as the author for one of the books.

The books were cut from a 10″ square chocolate sponge cake with chocolate frosting filling.  To cover the books I find the easiest way is to cut a long strip of rolled icing to wrap around three sides of the cake, then using my cake ruler I mark lines on the strip to make it look like pages.  I then roll out the cover of the book and cover the bottom, spine and top, allowing it to overlap the cake slightly so it looks like a book cover.

For the travel theme I made a suitcase from rice crispie squares, covered in icing and decorated with mini travel stickers.  FInally I added a scarf in the Manchester City FC colours.  All this was placed on a cake board covered in black icing to look like a chalk board and to write the message I used Edible Art white satin powder applied with a paint brush to create a chalk effect.


Retirement cake
Retirement cake