A few more delicious, made to order cakes

It has been so busy in the Hours of Fun kitchen we still have lots of cakes to share with you.  Here are three very different cakes made for three birthdays.


First up a cake for a karaoke loving birthday girl celebrating her 80th birthday.  Dressed in a gorgeous gold dress singing her heart out.  The cake topper was made from FIMO (oven baked modelling clay) and came with a box for it to be kept in as a forever keepsake.

The cake was a vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream filling, covered in fondant with wires curled to shoot out the top of the cake with edible stars.



Next up was a special cake for a little girl celebrating her 4th birthday.  This little girl was involved in the designn and after a few changes of theme and flavour it was decided to go for Sofia the First and chocolate sponge with chocolate filling.  Sofia the first and Clover were non-edible cake toppers which the birthday girl could keep and play with after all the cake had been eaten up.

Due to the size of the cake toppers a last minute change to the design was made, which the customer was happy to go with.  As this included a extra tier of cake for no extra charge I did a vanilla sponge as the birthday girl had been torn between the two flavours!  This was an elegant cake for a beautiful birthday girl.











Last up was a cake for a super gorgeous little boy turning 2 and he loves the Twirlywoos and he was getting the big red boat for his birthday.  The cake was a vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream shaped into the big red boat.  I modelled the Twirlywoo characters out of fondant and was super proud that the three quacky ducks perched on top of the boat stayed in place as this is often the challenge when modelling cake toppers from fondant for display on a cake!  I really enjoyed making this cake as it was so colourful and fun.





A Technics Deck birthday cake for a superstar DJ!

I had the pleasure of making a birthday cake for DJ Seb Fontaine at the weekend.  It was quickly decided that the cake should be a Technics turn table with the record playing being Fiji – Seb’s signature tune which we all love to hear him play in a club.


I was really looking forward to making this cake as I have made a couple of record players and when you get the chance to make a cake design more than once you get to make improvements, step it up a little and challange yourself.

I decided this time the cake needed to be raised up from the board so the design could include feet and I was keen to use Mikado mint chocolate sticks again for the needle arm as this had worked really well last time.

Seb Fontaine DJ Technics turntable birthday cake (8)

The cake was a vanilla sponge with buttercream filling baked as a 8″ square and shaped into a rectangle.  It was covered in black icing.  I used homemade marshmellow rice crispies to make a small platform for the record to sit on and the feet for the record player, these were covered in black icing.  I commited to putting individual tiny silver balls on the cake that looked fab, but as soon as I started I realised I had a very fidly and repetative task ahead!


We presented the cake to Seb just as he started his set at Voom at The Studio in Nantwich.  Happy birthday Seb.  Hope you enjoyed eating the cake and thanks for playing for us on Friday 🙂

Seb Fontaine DJ Technics turntable birthday cake (1)


Seb Fontaine DJ Technics turntable birthday cake (6) Seb Fontaine DJ Technics turntable birthday cake (5)


Alouis 30 Oct 08 record player decks
Made back in 2008 before I had completed my  cake courses


Record player
Record player – made last year

Flower pot cake, full of gorgeous flowers for a flower lover!​

For my friend’s birthday I was keen to bake her a cake as we are saving pennies at the moment and I think a homemade cake makes a lovely gift for someone rather than turning up empty handed.
My friend Charlie has recently started up her own florist business – Charlie’s flower Boutique and she is fast becoming an expert in flowers and produces fabulous bouquets and wedding packages. This therefore set the theme for the cake – flowers!
I fancied having a go at baking a cake in a terracotta flower pot so headed to Taskers to get a brand new pot, headed home to wash it and let it completely dry. I then placed 2 layers of greaseproof paper over the bottom, covering the hole, then covered the sides of the pot in 2 layers of greaseproof paper, wiped it all over with some cake release then set to mixing the cake ingredients. I went for the same mixture I would use for a 8” square cake which actually was a little more than I needed so we got 6 cupcakes from it too – bonus!
The cake baked at 160 degrees for about 1 hour and 50 minutes. It wasn’t the best baked cake it was cooked but a little heavy – it lacked the light and fluffiness I like my sponges to have. I think next time I would maybe bake it for a little longer and a slightly lower temperature.
I then set to slicing the sponge, layering it up with buttercream then covered it in pink icing. I added a stripe of icing around the top before I covered it, as the rim at the top of the pot needed defining a little more. I then grated some brown ready roll icing to over the top of the cake for the soil and started to make flowers.
When making flowers you need to let them rest overnight ideally, then you can shine them by holding them over a steaming kettle – let them rest again – then dust them using edible dust colours and shimmers. I made roses, carnations, cala lilies, sunflowers and fuchsias, along with 2 different shapes of leaves. When placed on the pot they looked fab and filled the space well.
The day before the cake was due, a friend and I had headed to the cake show at Event City and I have treated myself to a mould of alphabet bunting so I had to then try it out! I put Charlie in bunting around the board. It was easy to use and came out really well, I need a little practice but think I will be using my bunting mould a lot!

Flower pot cake
Flower pot cake
flower pot close up
flower pot close up

Mike the Knight birthday cake with Squirt Sparkie and Galahad

 mike the knight 5th birthday cake for Tom2

I had not seen an episode of Mike the Knight when this cake was first discussed and was not quite sure what I was letting myself in for! We did a little google research and decided on a model of Mike and the 2 dragons, Mike’s horse was mentioned but the idea of making a horse out of modelling was a tad scary so he was left out.  I then headed home, found the next episode due on TV and set it to record.  After watching my first ever episode I thought it was brill and I also thought that we really needed to include Galahad the horse in the modelling as throughout the program, wherever Mike and the dragons went, Galahad was with them.

I had lots of cakes on and lots of modelling to do so I set up camp at the dinning room table with all my cake stuff and spent the whole weekend modelling things out of icing!  After spending the past year or so trying to master modelling that was completely edible I have now made a U-Turn and decided to go with structure and stability.  I have decided it is far more important to ensure the model is sturdy, will last the duration and look the part. Many people keep the models as keepsakes and it leaves them free to enjoy eating the cake.

I started with the horse and used wooden kebab skewers to structure his legs and placed him on a piece of green icing that had some tylo powder in and some flower paste to ensure it kept firm.

I had so much fun making these models and I was really happy with how they turned out.  The cake was a lot of fun to make and turned out fab and the models stayed in place, with no arms or legs falling off yeay!  I will never return to all edible models now, but will always ensure I let them know they are not for eating.

All gone, with only the models left standing!
All gone, with only the models left standing!

A clapper board birthday cake for a 18th Birthday celebration

Our friend’s daughter was turning 18 and as is the only way, the celebrations were booked in and planned.    This was all a bit mad to process as Karen our friend just does not seem old enough to have a 18-year-old daughter, in fact Karen turned 40 this year which we all thought she must have got her age wrong!!

Her daughter Amy loves Julie Andrews and all thing theatrical and musical so it was an easy theme to go with.  Her mum picked out some ideas she liked and sent them over and we agreed on a clapper board cake, decorated and personalised with a birthday message.

Amys 18th birthday cake clapperboard black and white icing stars hearts and move theme

Working with black icing is always fun – or at least messy!  It just seems to get everywhere including on anything white.  I had 3 cakes to do so the other cakes were completed and put away before the black icing even came out the cupboard!

I was keen to try out painting with paste colours for the postcard pictures around the sides.  I got pictures from the internet then cut them out so I had a template I could use.  I then placed them on a piece of rolled white icing and painted using black colouring mixed with a little water to create a silhouette effect for the pictures and they turned out pretty good.  The test was to ask people if they could tell what they were and Dewey visited and got all but 1 – the movie theatre!  We had already picked this one out to go round the back of the cake!!

Amys 18th birthday cake clapperboard black and white icing stars hearts and move theme (3)

Amys 18th birthday cake clapperboard black and white icing stars hearts and move theme (2)

The cake also had stars and hearts shooting out the top of the cake using cake wire, with the clapper board written out with the birthday message.

I hope Amy had a fantastic time celebrating her birthday and enjoyed the cake.

A cake from the 50 easy party cakes book – purple dinosaur cake yeay!

For Lorraine’s birthday the tradition continued in choosing a cake from the 50 easy party cakes book.  I had 3 cakes on all due for the same day so it had to be as straight forward as the book allows yet still fab!

There are so many amazing cakes in this book by Debbie Brown.  We have made mini monster cakes, a shopping bags cake, a ladybird, clown’s face, a bookworm cake and a flower power cake.  There are still so many to do.

The dinosaur cake in the book is blue with yellow spots, but I chose to go with purple.   When doing cakes for friends for fun you can have a look what you have already in the cupboard and incorporate it into the design, simply changing a colour or adding sparkles or silver balls.

The dinosaur cake was made by baking 1 cake in a pyrex bowl, covering it in icing.  The head, tail and legs get added afterwards, with the head being placed on a dowel for support which is then inserted into the main body of the dinosaur to make sure it stays in place.

He looked fab travelling in the box with his head poking out and when it was time to cut the cake he was placed on display in the kitchen, just a neck and head 😦 !