A little homemade gift given to friends for their trip to New Zealand

Our friends have recently jetted off to New Zealand, they have gone with their two boys for an amazing adventure for a couple of years to live, work and explore the country.  To start their adventure off they obviously had a mammoth journey to complete.  This done with two young boys could have proved to be an interesting challenge!

We wanted to make something for them that may help a little with the long journey, even if it only provided an hour or so of entertainment!  I decided to make draw string bags with their names on and fill it with a few treats to keep them occupied.  We included a magazine, some chocolate and sweets and a little toy.  The magazines had puzzles, games, pictures and colouring pencils in which we hoped would keep both the adults and the kids happy for some time on the plane!



charlie and sams travel bags (1)  charlie and sams travel bags (2)charlie and sams travel bags (3)  charlie and sams travel bags (4)


The bags were made from dark grey textured material cut into rectangles, then sewn together using black cotton thread.  Ribbon was threaded through the bag and sewn into place to allow the boys to wear them on their backs.  They were decorated with felt pieces.


Handmade cards – lots of fun to do and much cheaper than heading to the card shop

I haven’t provided an update on homemade cards for a while so I decided it was time to share some pictures of the cards handmade so far this year.  You can make a card for any occasion – birthday, anniversary, good luck, congratulations and much more.  If you like to have a verse in the card but are not very good at coming up with them yourself you can use the internet to search for ideas and verses you can then copy into your card.  If you struggle to get going with ideas for the front of your card again using the internet is a fantastic way to gather some ideas and designs and you can always purchase a card making book which will take you through lots of different designs and techniques you can use.

Below is a gallery of cards I have made using all different techniques – layering, simple pen work, glitter sprinkling (I actually used sugar instead of glitter as it was to celebrate my 6th wedding anniversary and sugar is a representation for that year!), cutting out shapes to create pictures and designs, patterned paper and much more.