National Cupcake week

 This week it is National Cupcake week and this gives you the perfect reason to get baking some cupcakes and have some fun.

Sadly here at Hours of Fun we are unlikely to be able to bake any cupcakes this week as we have a manic, already packed schedule, however I may look to bake some next week – using National cupcake week as the excuse!

Click the link above to visit the national cupcake week website where they have recipes, how to videos, competitions and pictures of the cupcakes from National cupcake week 2012.

As it looks like we wont be baking any cupcakes this week I thought I would take the opportunity to show off some of the cupcakes already made by Hours of Fun.  The love of cupcakes as been a very slow developer as I am not the biggest fan.  I am all up for baking cupcakes for fun to eat at home but when it comes to making them for other people i find it all a little involved.  The main issue I have is buttercream – it is my least favourite part of cake baking.  If I could find a buttercream that was delicious straight from a tub and required no preperation I would be all over it in a second!!  As cupcakes often require a lot of buttercream it loses my attention fast! 

I have however recently made my favourite cupcake to date – a giant cupcake decorated with strawberries and cream.  It was my best giant cupcake so far and the strawberries and cream theme looked fantastic.

Giant cupcake Strawberries and cream

I have got much better at embracing cupcakes and hope some day I may love doing them as I do making a full cake.  The giant cupcake is preferable to small ones as it produces one big cake which requires decorating rather than lots of individual cakes requiring lots of individual decorating.

Check out the pictures below and get inspired to bake some cupcakes this week.  They are simple and easy to bake and you can have a lot of fun decorating them with buttercream, different colours, rolled out icing, mini cake toppers.  You can also have a go at making a cupcake bouquet which I may try next week.  If you havent made one of these before search on the internet for hints, tips and videos of what to do.