A 50th birthday cake for a hair and make up girl


I have done a couple of hair and make-up themed cakes and they are lots of fun to do.  This order came in asking for a cake similar to a previous one I had done.  I made a few changes to the cake topper models to give it a fresh look.  They were all made out of icing and were edible, apart from the shooting stars which were made from glittery card.  With the warm weather at the moment, trying to make shooting stars out of icing, then getting them to stay at the top of a piece of wire is very tricky.  As I have a craft room full of goodies I headed out of the kitchen and up to the craft room to pick out some fab card for the stars and numbers.  These will stay in place and are not affected by the heat.


The cake was a vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream filling.


50th birthday hair and make up cake (1) 50th birthday hair and make up cake (2) 50th birthday hair and make up cake (3) 50th birthday hair and make up cake (4) 50th birthday hair and make up cake (5)

Fab at 50 beach scene cake

For a 50th birthday celebration a cake is always needed!  The order came through with a brief of – please can we have a beach scene with the birthday girl sunbathing with the message fab at 50, other than that I free to do what I wanted – I love orders like this!  When you have a little time you can have fun with these cakes as it allows you to have a play, try something new and come up with a new design.  I asked a few extra questions such as would the birthday girl be reading whilst sunbathing?  Having a drink?  Any specific colour bikini?  The little bits of detail are what makes a homemade cake so personalised and special.

The cake was my favourite ever sponge flavour – lemon, with a layer of lemon curd and vanilla frosting in the middle.  I had the finished cake in work for a few hours ahead of collection and all I could smell was the lemon sponge and I so wanted to eat it all!!

I covered half the cake in ready to roll fondant coloured blue and the rest of the cake was covered in a mixture of crackers, light brown sugar and dark brown sugar to create a sand effect.  I popped all of this in the electric mixture until it was fine crumbs.  If doing it again I would omit the dark brown sugar as I don’t think it was needed.

The birthday girl sunbathing was made from white modelling chocolate, with a glass, her kindle and flip-flops near by.  I then made a few little star fish and shells which I had a lot of fun making.  The star fish were made by using a small star cutter and icing rolled to approx. 1cm thick.  As I pushed it out of the cutter it shaped liked a star fish, I then used the pointed end of a cellstick to mark a few dots along its back.  The shells were made by cutting out small circles, curling them over the end of a paintbrush , squeezing one end together to create a shell shape, then marking with my cake craft knife a few lines along the top.

Beach scene
Beach scene