A cake to celebrate turning 18

I was asked to make a cake for an 18th birthday and was presented with a picture of a bedroom scene which they loved and asked if I could replicate changing a few of the details and colours to fit the birthday boy.

The cake was made from a 8″ square vanilla sponge with vanilla frosting.  The cake was cut to shape and there was enough left over to make the two bedside tables.

All the decoration was edible, we had a pair of socks, a t-shirt, shorts, a laptop, a game controller, pizza box, coke can, a phone, bedside lamps and an i-pod and headphones along with the birthday boy fast asleep in bed!


Close up of 18th birthday bedroom scene cake2 Close up of 18th birthday bedroom scene cake3

bedroom scene
bedroom scene
teenage bedroom
teenage bedroom

The board was covered in black icing and used my cake ruler to make lines in to create a floorboard effect.  I also used my checkered impression mat to create an effect around the base of the bed.

Wishing Thomas a fantastic 18th birthday, hope you had fantastic fun celebrating an enjoyed eating your cake bedroom!

A clapper board birthday cake for a 18th Birthday celebration

Our friend’s daughter was turning 18 and as is the only way, the celebrations were booked in and planned.    This was all a bit mad to process as Karen our friend just does not seem old enough to have a 18-year-old daughter, in fact Karen turned 40 this year which we all thought she must have got her age wrong!!

Her daughter Amy loves Julie Andrews and all thing theatrical and musical so it was an easy theme to go with.  Her mum picked out some ideas she liked and sent them over and we agreed on a clapper board cake, decorated and personalised with a birthday message.

Amys 18th birthday cake clapperboard black and white icing stars hearts and move theme

Working with black icing is always fun – or at least messy!  It just seems to get everywhere including on anything white.  I had 3 cakes to do so the other cakes were completed and put away before the black icing even came out the cupboard!

I was keen to try out painting with paste colours for the postcard pictures around the sides.  I got pictures from the internet then cut them out so I had a template I could use.  I then placed them on a piece of rolled white icing and painted using black colouring mixed with a little water to create a silhouette effect for the pictures and they turned out pretty good.  The test was to ask people if they could tell what they were and Dewey visited and got all but 1 – the movie theatre!  We had already picked this one out to go round the back of the cake!!

Amys 18th birthday cake clapperboard black and white icing stars hearts and move theme (3)

Amys 18th birthday cake clapperboard black and white icing stars hearts and move theme (2)

The cake also had stars and hearts shooting out the top of the cake using cake wire, with the clapper board written out with the birthday message.

I hope Amy had a fantastic time celebrating her birthday and enjoyed the cake.