Mastering stargazer lilies from petal paste for an extra special wedding cake.

The wedding of…

Adam and Jo

Friday 17th February 2012

It was a great honour to be asked to do the wedding cake for Adam and Jo and it was an amazing gift we could give them and an opportunity to help contribute to their special day.  It was all excitement until it was announced they would be having Stargazer lilies as their flowers – I nearly shed a tear!  We had done these in cake decorating class and they were set as the challenge of the term and we didn’t do very well!

As soon as it went in the diary the flower making was planned and the week leading up to the big day had been mapped out.  When I then added the Superman Birthday Cake to the ‘things to do‘ list due the same day, it was imperative I stuck to the schedule.  I wanted to avoid any stress and just enjoy it.

My lily making skills progressed quickly with practice.  I lost a few petals along the way, but for the big day I had all the flowers and leaves for the cakes, spare flowers, spare petals and a box containing essential cake equipment for emergency situations! I had even created packaging out of cardboard boxes and a lot of bubble wrap, as the flowers required some careful arrangement for the car journey.

I am so so happy to report that the cake turned out better than I ever imagined it would.  It was only my 3rd wedding cake and I wanted it to be perfect for Jo and Adam.  It arrived at the venue without any damages and with the help of Lou Lou the cake was put together beautifully on the eve of the wedding, we didn’t even have to use any spare flowers or petals.

All it needed was the Bride and Groom figures Chris had handmade out of fimo which were arriving in the morning.

I have to say that to date; this is the cake I am most proud of.   Being able to make Stargazer lilies out of petal paste (which I really didn’t know if I could at the start!) has shown that the cake classes I went to tought me well, thanks to my tutor Gill.

I wish Adam and Jo, our 2 amazing friends, a long and happy life together full of love, happiness and laughter.  Thank you for letting me do your cake and I hope I did you proud x

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Mission ‘stop cherries sinking to the bottom’ Take 6 and 7

Here is the latest on the cherry loaf mission.  For those of you counting we are on bake 6 and 7!

Method used

Cherries carefully quartered and coated in flour then added to the mixture.  All done using my amazing Kenwood mixer as it seems to produce an evenly baked cake, tasting delicious regardless of the position of cherries!

The results we an improvement but still some of the cake had sunken cherries.

I was inspired to make another, this time putting the mixture in the fridge for 1 1/2 hours, then adding the cherries – again using my mixer.

I am writing this live! Although you will be reading it after it has taken place!

The Loaf is out of the oven and looks lovely, you can see some cherries dotted about round the edges of the cake but it has yet to be cut.  I am hopeful, I dont know if I can take much more of the disappointment, then annoyance, then determination roller coaster I go on each time………

The Result

The roller coaster ride was a quick one!  I was disappointed, I shouted “I hate cherry loaf” as I went for the camera, then decided I may have to step away from the cherries loaves for a week or so!!

They are not totally sunken to the bottom however they are definitely not evenly distributed.  I am wondering if I may need to go smaller with the cherries so they are lighter.

Cherry loaf 3 has been the best so far which involved coating the cherries in flour first, however cherry loaf 4 was done using the same method and was so sunken I didn’t even take a picture!

Cherry Loaf 3

The mystery of the sunken cherries will continue after a short break away from them to save my sanity.

Hours of (not so much) Fun with cakes!