Minion party madness

Hours of Fun headed to Formby recently for a 7th birthday party for Olivia, with a full on Minion theme.

After decorating the venue with lots of yellow and blue balloons and bunting, and some super cute Minion helium balloons, we then started the birthday party off with some badge making, then straight onto cupcake box decorating, where the children made some fantastic Minion boxes all ready for when they decorated their cupcakes.

This was the first time I had the pleasure of working alongside Jumping Jacks and they were fantastic.  They kept the kids entertained, lots of games and dancing and Minion Dave made a special appearence to dance with the birthday group.

Hours of Fun ran a Minion cupcake decorating session, where each of the children decorated 4 cupcakes, creating their own Minions with ready roll icing and buttercream.  Learning some different techniques and how to use a piping bag.

It was a fun packed Minion day and Olivia seemed to enjoy every minute of it.

We stuck around to help clear up, making sure Olivia got her handmade, personalised bunting to take home, then headed home ready to unpack and put our feet up after a Minion jam packed party.

The party was held at the Harington Centre in Formby which was the perfect venue for a party.  The hall is a good size, with kitchen facilities and lots of tables and chairs available.


Party time – balloons, bunting and cakes

Hours of Fun offer a decorating service for your event or venue.

We provide helium filled foil balloons, banners, balloon arches, handmade personalised bunting and of course cakes!


80th birthday party venue decorations


We will provide a no obligation quote for your events and if you are happy with everything we will book you in and come down to your venue and decorate it for you.


80th birthday party venue decorations

We have some package deals available too offering some fab savings.


Celebration package  includes – a foil helium balloon, banners, table confetti, handmade bunting and a pack of latex balloons for you to blow up.


Party package includes – 5 helium balloons, 5 clusters of 3 balloons, banners, table confetti, handmade bunting and 2 packs of balloons for you to blow up.



60th birthday celebrations blue and silver (4)

To get a quote contact Hours of Fun on 07549430879 or


Frozen Birthday party – turning 9 and getting crafty

Hours of Fun headed over the water to our first party in Prenton the other week.

To celebrate a 9th birthday party Hours of Fun were called in to entertain the group of 12 girls and 1 boy whilst they had a Frozen themed party at the birthday girl’s house.

Their lounge was turned into a craft room with a big blanket laid out covering the floor and everyone sat down busy making Frozen trolls.  The trolls made were amazing and everyone had lots of fun making them.  Badges were made and party bags were decorated as Olaf and Sven.

In between all the crafting we had game breaks where the crafts were cleared to one side and we got busy playing  pass the parcel, Frozen bingo and “do you wanna build a snowman?”

At the end of the party everyone went home with all the fantastic things they had made, and I folded up the blanket, packed the craft supplies away and headed home, leaving the party house with minimal cleaning up to do and a happy birthday girl.



To book Hours of Fun for your party whether it be in a hall or at your home get in touch.


Minecraft party fun

Hours of Fun was asked to do a Minecraft birthday party for a special boy turning 5.  We were heading to the Vagabonds Lawn Tennis Club for the party and it was all about the black, green and creepers!

We had been busy making a giant creeper out of cardboard and paper, along with a TNT pinata and lots of blank heads ready to be made into Creepers or Mikes.


Jaydens minecraft birthday party


The party was full party games including bash the pinata, bash the creeper, dancing, pass the parcel and we had a parade with everyone wearing the creeper heads they had made.

Jaydens minecraft party

The kids really enjoyed the crafting session although sadly we were having so much fun we didn’t have time to make the fantastic party bags, although we popped the stickers in the bags for them to take and make at home if they wanted to.

Summer holidays Frozen party – snowballs, trolls and party bag fun

Hours of Fun headed over to Kirby to run a Frozen party, a Saturday morning activity for the children to keep them entertained during the summer holidays.  Also the perfect excuse for the adults to get together for a catch up and a BBQ!

This was the first time we had run a party in someone’s home and it went really well.  Instead of decorating the house we provided all the children with a helium balloon to take home with their party bag, along with their amazing creations they made at the craft table.

We set up around the dinning room table and the children got busy making badges and designing frozen cups for our snowball game.   After a competitive snowball competition we headed back to the craft table to make a troll.  The children and adults loved the troll idea.  They got to create their own trolls using shredded paper, googly eyes, tissue paper, gems and pompoms.  An amazing range of trolls were made all different and unique in their own way just look there are in Frozen the movie.

It was then time for a quick bounce on the bouncy castle, sit down for party food, following by another go on the bouncy castle.  W e then gathered them all back around the craft table to make their own party bags.  Here they made Olaf and Sven bags and we were so impressed with how they turned out.  The party bags were then loaded up with goodies including their own Frozen cupcake to take home.

If you want to book your own Frozen themed party contact Hours of Fun for details.

Vintage afternoon tea hen do with a cupcake decorating session


I was asked by Victoria Rose Vintage Crockery if we could get involved with a vintage hen party, with a cupcake decorating workshop and cocktails in the tea pots – I jumped at the chance and got my friend Karen involved.

We worked with Vicky to plan and organise the day and arranged to pick all the crockery and food up and set up at the venue – a fantastic room at St Marys Church  in Wavertree.

We set up the vintage style tea party which looked amazing, as Vicky as some gorgeous crockery and table decorations.  The cupcake decorating workshop was also set up ready for the hen party to get creative decorating cupcakes, keeping in with the vintage theme.

The Hen party were a fantastic group and made some spectacular cupcakes, trying different techniques using moulds, piping bags, embossing tools and adding glitter, sparkle and much more.

We played some fun games, the bridesmaids did the classic Mr and Mrs quiz and they also played pass the parcel.  The afternoon tea table was full of delicious sandwiches, homemade cakes, cocktails, tea and juice.  After they had filled up on food and drink we got them up and into groups to make a wedding dress.  They made some amazing and very varied wedding dresses and was the perfect game to work off the afternoon tea ready for their evening of fun at an ABBA tribute night

We wish Liz all the best for her wedding and hope she had the best weekend ever!

Pirate party with a chocolate workshop


Aaarrgghh it’s pirate party time!

Hours of Fun were booked in for Olga’s 5th birthday party celebrating in pirate fashion with a chocolate workshop.  I was super excited about the chocolate workshop and couldn’t wait to make pirate lollies with the birthday girl and her friends; we were also going to decorate pirate cookies.

The party kicked off with some fantastic badge making, followed by lots of games and fun.  Then it was workshop time and we all sat down at the chocolate table with aprons on and sleeves rolled up ready to get messy.  We used PME chocolate melting pots for the chocolate which I am officially in love with as they are amazing, I just need to invest in some more of them now!  We made the lollies then popped them to one side to set and some amazing cookies were created. We had pirate shapes  including a ship, a pirate and skull and cross bones.

The children seemed to really enjoy themselves and their creations were amazing.  After washing all the chocolate off their faces, arms and hands it was time for more games and a treasure hunt, then we all sat down for some food and drink – well deserved after all the pirate fun.

The birthday girl helped to give out the party boxes full of pirate treats included a special Hours of Fun make you own pompom pirate kit.

The party was held at the Vagabond Lawn Tennis club which was again a fantastic venue, very accommodating and a brilliant sized room for the party and workshop.

We hope Olga had a swashbuckling time.

Massive thanks to my helpers for the day – Jo, Charlie and my Mum with Kev and my Dad helping to set up.


Dinosaur party fun

I was asked if I could do a dinosaur craft activity for our friend’s little boy who was turning three and having a dinosaur themed party.  We have some fantastically talented friends and Lou Lou was making the cake and Jo was doing face painting, along with a bouncy castle we knew this was going to be a super fun party.

For the craft activity Hours of Fun set up camp in the birthday boy’s toy room.  We had dinosaur pictures for colouring in, along with badge making where children could colour in a picture of a dinosaur then we made it in to a badge for them to wear at the party and then take it home.

We also had fossil making which was lots of fun and something a little different.

I had made lots of salt dough using salt, water and flour – equal amounts of salt and water to twice as much flour e.g. 1 cup of water, 1 cup of salt, 2 cups of flour.

The fossils were made by rolling out the salt dough then pressing in some of the mini dinosaurs and plants I had brought leaving an indent in the dough.  They were then popped in the microwave for approx. 7 minutes – we had to keep checking them to make sure they didn’t burn.   As the oven had been on whilst cooking the party food we then popped the fossils into the, still warm oven for 30 minutes to set further.  The children went off to get their face painted and play on the bouncy castle then headed back to paint their fossil using paints and sponges.

We had some fantastic fossils made and the badges were a big hit – everyone loves the badge making machine!!



I had also attempted to make some dinosaur eggs which were meant to be hidden about the garden.  Once found the children can crack them open using a stick or their hands to reveal a baby dinosaur (which was a chocolate biscuit dinosaur wrapped up in foil.  Sadly the eggs didnt harden as they were meant to and we ended up having to throw them away – I am now on a mission to master the art of dinosaur egg making!

Jungle party fun

Hours of Fun were hired to organise and run Evie’s 5th birthday party to be held at St Andrews Church Hall in Kirkby.  A jungle party with food, games, decorations, invitations and thank you cards, party bags, badge making and a fun-filled craft activity making jungle animal masks.

The birthday girl arrived and was very excited to start making her badge.  We presented her with her special birthday girl badge and as all the party goers arrived we had jungle themed tunes on so they could have a little dance as they headed over the badge making area.

Once everyone had their badge we were straight into a game of pass the parcel to jungle music – of course!  The craft activity was the main feature of the party and they made some amazing animal masks using lots of glue, glitter, paper, paints, buttons, sequins, pom poms, pipe cleaners, crepe paper, shredded paper and anything else they could find on the craft table.  Then whilst the masks were left to dry we headed to the food table to fill up on sandwiches, sausages, bread sticks, carrots and juice.  Desert was served followed by the birthday cake the birthday girl’s grandma had made her.

It was time then for a few more games, some dancing and then party bags were given out, along with prizes for those who had won the games and a special lion helium balloon for the birthday girl.  Everyone headed home loaded up with what they had made and their birthday treats after a fun packed party full of jungle adventure.

Massive thank you to Louise and Karen who helped out at the party and were fantastic.  We had a brilliant time celebrating with Evie.

Little mix party fun

Little mix
Little mix

It was birthday party time to celebrate my Niece turning 10 and we were going with the theme of Little Mix.  This meant lots of purple, pink and blues, along with a fantastic Little Mix banner, some bunting, balloons, a homemade cake and some Little Mix edible rice paper cake toppers for the cupcake decorating.  We were also kicking the party off with badge making as we are all now addicted to using my amazing badge making equipment!

The cupcake table was full of coloured icing, rolling pins, glitter, sparkles, hundreds and thousands, sprinkles, buttercream, tools, heart and star shaped cutters, Little Mix cake toppers and some corn starch pouches to help them roll out and cut their shapes from the icing.

Everyone was given four cupcakes to decorate and some amazing creations were made.  Sadly I didn’t get any pictures as we were so busy helping around the table and showing them how to use piping bags to create swirls and patterns.

The bunting looked fantastic along with the balloon garland.  The amazing Little Mix banner didn’t even make it on the wall as it was missed when the decorations were put up…..I need another Little Mix party to organise now so we can use the banner!

We had Little Mix food flags for the delicious food made by my brother-in-law, I made a personalised Little Mix cake for the birthday girl and we got to use our helium canister to blow up the giant numbers 1 and 0.    Along with the badge making we also learnt the dance to Move which was a lot of fun as all the adults and children got involved and at the end of the party the birthday girl and all her friends performed the dance to all the parents.

It was a fantastic birthday party and Hannah seemed to love every minute of it, I just can not believe my gorgeous niece has turned ten!