Cupcake decorating at Oakmere Community College

I first met Rachel from Oakmere Community College back in August at the Liverpool Loves Business network event and we got talking about the college and we agreed I would get in touch to see if there were any workshops I could offer the college as part of their enrichment studies.

I headed down to the college and met with Rachel and Andy and had a little tour around.  The college feels really welcoming and everyone I met was lovely, it gave me a fantastic feeling about the place and the work they do for their students and I was keen to get involved.

The first workshop was cupcake decorating and we set up in the canteen which was perfectally placed next to the kitchen.  The room and facilities were fantastic.

The course ran for the catering and hair and beauty groups, so this was something a little different to compliment and widen their studying experience.

The theme was Halloween and each student was shown how to make 4 different designs.

ghost cupcake witches hat cupcake Pumpkin cupcake Spiders web cupcake

They all got stuck in and created some fantastic cupcakes, helping each other out, asking questions and resisting eating any of them for as long as they possibly could!

Sadly I didnt get chance to take any photos, but head over to the college website and check out the pictures they took Oakmere Community College News


Halloween crafting fun

Starting the New Year with some Halloween fun – bit late I know!!

We headed to Walton Sports Centre on Mischief Night to run a craft stall as part of the Merseyside Police event, working hard to keep children off the streets and out of Mischief.  This was a jam packed night with so much on offer (and all for free) I didn’t even get chance to see it all!  The sports hall was full of inflatables, a buck-a-roo and lots more, football on the all-weather pitch and the workshop room had cupcake decorating, scar painting, scarecrow making by My Outdoor Classroom and the craft stall where we were making plant pot Halloween characters and lantern bags.


Mischief night crafting fun

Mischief night fun


Hours of Fun also headed to Newsham Park that week for a family fun day run by ‘Leap Into’ and ‘Targeted Service for Young People’ based at Walton Adventure Playground.  We set the gazebo up and spread out all the crafting fun, face painting, orienteering, badge making and lots more.  Sadly the weather was a little miserable, but this made us a lovely surprise for anyone in the park with their children and wishing for some shelter and rest bite!


Family fun day in Newsham Park

Halloween – spooky crafting fun

We have been having lots of fun carving pumpkins this year.  As part of my husbands Birthday celebrations we had a pumpkin carving table set up with tools, idea sheets and pumpkins ready for people to get creative.

We had some amazing pumpkins made and we had them all lit up with candles set around the Kitchen.



I also gave out make your halloween foam goodie bags to Charlie and Seb who were with us, they loved making the bags and then ran round the house showing them off to everyone.  When it was time to go they were quick on the mark getting their goodies bags filled with treats!  Included in their treats was a foam Halloween bookmark kit to take home and make .

Halloween is a fantastic time of year to get crafting.

Check out last year’s post for a gallery of pictures giving you lots of ideas for Halloween crafting and baking.




Happy Halloween – perfect excuse to have some fun making things

Happy Halloween!

Warning – the photo gallery contains a picture of a mask.

Halloween is a fun time of the year to get crafting either in the craft room or in the kitchen.  Kids love getting involved and adults too, and there are so many fab ideas you can spend hours having Halloween fun.

Below is a gallery of ideas for things to do.  Some by Hours of Fun, some by others who are happy for me to share their creations.

You can purchase pre-cut shapes for decorating or make your own shapes by cutting them out of white card and getting out the glitter, pompoms, glue, sequins and anything else you have lying around.  Spooky garlands are super easy to make and are very effective.  Carving pumpkins is one of the most popular Halloween activities and you can design your own.  You can even buy carving kits at most supermarkets.

You can make decorations for the house by cutting out shapes from coloured card, cotton wool for cobwebs, drape sheets over shapes to make ghost like shapes,

Baking and decorating for Halloween can be a lot of fun.  Using any colours you have and raid the cupboards for any edible decorations then get making a mess creating scary edible delights – cupcakes, cake pops, jelly, biscuits, pizza, for example.

Links to websites with some fantastic Halloween ideas (please note Hours of Fun are not responsbile for content found on these links)

(please note Hours of Fun are not responsible for content found on these links)

Some of the photos are from Victoria Rose Vintage Crockery, click here to visit her facebook page.