Fun with felt, making lavender animals

I bought a pack of lavender a while ago and have not used much of it so I decided to make some felt animals and stuff them with some lavender and give them as gifts.  I love working with felt and I have a good selection of colours in 100% wool felt which is super soft, strong and fab to work with.  I got it from Blooming felt which is a fantastic online felt shop – visit their website here

I decided to make an owl first and followed a pattern I found on the internet (click here for the website)

Felt lavender owl hours of fun homemade (2) Felt lavender owl hours of fun homemade (3)

I then made a cat which I made using a picture of a felt cat someone had made that I found on Pinterest – click here to see it on pinterest

Felt cat

I then thought about making a felt dog, however I couldn’t find a design I liked so I decided to make another owl using a different design that had I seen a few times, where the body of the owl was made up of lots of different coloured pieces of felt.

felt owl

They were all filled with toy stuffing and a pouch of lavender, with a piece of string attached to the top of the animal so it could be hung up.

Arts and Craft Fair and Little Pumpkins Halloween Fun Day

This Sunday Hours of Fun will be taking to the craft stall once more and appearing at the Arts and Crafts Fair and little pumpkins Halloween fun day down at Stanley Park in Liverpool.

                             Final flyer Isla Gladstone (click here to see the flyer in pdf format.)

It is in the Isla Conservatory which is in the middle of Stanley park, situated in between Liverpool Football Club and Everton Football Club.  The Isla conservatory was originally constructed back in 1870 and since then has been completely rebuilt and restored using original stone and ironwork where possible.  If you would like to read more about the park and the conservatory click here to visit their website  

The Craft fair is open 10am – 5pm and it is free entry so come along.  There will be activities for the children to take part in, a kiddies funfair and a fire eating show along with stalls selling treats and maybe some tricks!

Hours of Fun will be there with our craft and haberdashery supplies along with some Halloween kits we will be trying out.  We have make you own Halloween coasters and wraps, cut outs for creating that perfect face or design in your pumpkin and other Halloween treats.  These are not currently available on the website so visiting the fair on Sunday is a must!


Check out the gallery below for some Halloween related craft supplies – coloured threads, coloured felts and some fantastic Halloween buttons.  I have also included some photographs taken at a Halloween party we had a couple of years ago, it shows some of the simple yet effective decoration ideas for about the house.

Hours of Fun Facebook page getting lively!

I have been on Facebook for some time now and love that it makes it so easy to keep in touch with people although I am not the best at using a lot.  I will have a look at in on my phone and browse the news feed page and whenever I blog on here it gets posted to my wall.  I was super impressed when I set it up to automatically update my Facebook and twitter accounts – amazing feature especially for someone who is not the best at keeping things up to date!

With the online shop well under way for a proper launch it is time to improve my communication on all social media outlets – prepare to be bombarded with fantastic pictures of sewing accessories, crafts and hobby supplies.  Along with handmade delights all made by Hours of Fun and friends.

So I invite you to visit my Hours of Fun Facebook page and take a look.  I would love your feedback on any thoughts and ideas for improvements and any likes and dislikes.  If you have a Facebook page send me a link, if you know of a fantastic crafting website or have some amazing crafting ideas let me know.  I will be spending some time later this week exploring other like-minded crafters on Facebook.  I am looking forward to meeting new people and learning about new crafts – yeay such fun to be had woohoo!

Felt handmade sewing book, a perfect gift for a friend’s birthday

Since my felt addiction started last year I have made quite a few things out of felt including sewing books.  The first sewing book I made was a single sheet of decorated felt, folded in half with a felt insert for placing pins and other sewing accessories.  This is similar design to the sewing book my mum has and she has had it as long as I remember and I love it!

I then took the sewing book to a new level, making it more of a book design with a pocket on the inside along with a place to keep scissors and other marked out sections.  The first one I made went a little wrong but was still fab so I decided to keep it for myself and I use it all the time.  I often travel with a small box of craft things so I can finish off something or start a new project if I get any time and my sewing book is perfect for carrying around, I have scissors, pins, buttons, threads and needles all to hand.


My friend; Louise’s birthday was the first of those we had decided to hand craft something for their present.  I thought Louise would love a sewing book and then found a pair of mini scissors with a cat on them to go inside, as Louise is a big cat lover the theme was set yeay!

When I told Kev about the idea he proceeded to tell me Louise had seen my sewing book and squealed and loved it – yeay perfect present!!

I was really pleased with how the sewing book turned out and hope Louise loved her birthday present.  I really enjoyed making the present and I could get Kev to do things for me whilst I made it as part of his contribution to the gift – team work!!


These handmade sewing books are available in the Hours of Fun shop, they can be made to design too just contact me and let me know what you would like.

Handmade cushion – purple and white with flowers and a butterfly – perfect present for the girl that loves purple!

We made a decision in February that all upcoming birthdays throughout the rest of February, March and April would have handmade birthday gifts. This decision would help to save money, allow me to make more things to practice my crafting skills and provide that personal touch to our amazing friends whom all deserve a present full of love and care.

Lou Lou’s birthday was on the list and next to it I had written ‘something purple’!! With Lou Lou having an obsession for the colour purple it provides the perfect start for gift ideas. If the present is purple she will love it, it doesn’t really matter what it actually is as long as it is purple!!

I have tried a couple of cushion and pillow cases over the years and never been that impressed with the finished product, however I am now using the sewing machine regularly and my sewing skills and experience working with materials have come on a long way. I made a cushion for my friends little boy earlier in the year out of fleece with a zip fastening and it turned out pretty good, so I was feeling much more confident.

I have realised a key to success when using a sewing machine is to plan properly. The cushion needs measuring out correctly, if it has a design this needs to be worked out and sketched before you start and you need to get all your supplies in ready.

I got together purple and white fleece and felt and used my Sizzix machine to cut out felt flowers for decoration. The flowers were hand sown onto the cushion and I used the sewing machine for the seams. Each side of the cushion has 2 layers – 1 felt and 1 fleece to allow me to cover up the back of the hand stitching used on the decoration and allows the cushion to keep its shape and feel extra fluffy and soft!

The hours of fun logo was put on the cushion now I am able to transfer it onto felt and then sew it on. We also designed a washing care label advising how to clean the cushion and transferred this onto white felt and attached it to the cushion.

I was really happy with the end product and Lou Lou loved it – which is the most important thing! There will be no stopping me now with cushions, the world of handmade cushions is my oyster!!

Felt Hair bobbles and slides

So far on my felt adventure I have made kites, booties, card toppers and started to explore felting.  Another felt production has been hair bobbles and hair clips.

Chris and I embarked on a mission to make some hair accessories out of felt and produced quiet a few of varying colour and style.  Some on bobbles, some on clips and a couple of slides.

After doing the craft fair we learnt some good tips for these, so its back to the drawing board to produce new and improved hair accessories.  Watch this space for hair clip and brooch matching sets, coloured coordinating hair accessories and maybe even some jewellery to match.  I am also going to make some  felt bags and felt purses.

Baby Felt Booties

Another design I wanted to do for the craft fair was Baby booties made out of felt – mainly to allow me to play with felt some more!

I had previously made a set for my friend’s little boy and received some really useful feedback on them.  The main aim was to design them with a fastener of some sort to help the bootie stay on the baby’s foot.

As with the Kites I had a lot of fun making these and after the first couple they started to come to together easier and with less unpicking!

I tried differnt designs for them all as I was keen to experiment with different shapes and sizes.

I got the ideas for felt booties from my cake class as for one of the classes we did baby booties as cake toppers.  Our teacher Gill provided us with a template to use and explained how simple they were to create once the template was drawn.

I used my cake class template and enlarged it and also tried out a few different shapes and sizes, and the picture shows the end product.

Colouful Felt Kites for hanging on a wall

I was keen to make some felt kites for the craft fair as I have fallen in love with them!

I also wanted to develop my skills as the first one I made to go up in the craft room at home was far from perfect.

I wanted to try different colours and different decorations on the tails and move away from fimo flowers being stuck on the tail with glue as I was worried they would fall off.  The idea of someone having an item I have made and then it falls apart is my worst fear!

I made a mixture of rockets and kites and am really happy with the results.  My stitching has improved dramatically and after the first couple I stopped having to unpick everything and they were fun to do.

I have to thank blooming felt again for bringing the idea to my attention.  If you fancy having a go at one of these you can purchase kits from blooming felt.  However I used their idea and then made them from scratch using my own colours and methods to attach them all together.  I am hoping to develop them further in the future and experiment more on design, shape, colour and technique.