Jimmy Choo high heel cake for a special 30 + 10 birthday girl

This cake was made for a birthday party to celebrate Trisha tuning 40 (or 30+10!).

The shoe box was made from a 10″ square vanilla sponge cake with vanilla buttercream.  It was covered in white icing and given a lid made out of black icing.  The bright pink went perfectly with the black and white and roses were placed around the cake, along with a bow and ribbon.

For the high heel shoe I used Renshaws modelling paste.  It was the first time I had used this brand of modelling paste as I have always used Squires however they didn’t have any white Squires flower paste left in stock at the shop.  I sought advice from the shop keeper and they recommended Renshaws as they use it for their models all the time and love it.

I coloured it pink using fuchsia pink edible colouring and using a shoe template I cut out the parts needed for the shoe, put it together and left it to dry.  Cake toppers can be tricky at times when trying to ensure stability, especially when it’s warm weather.  I ended up making 3 shoes before I was happy with the final look and confident it would stay stood up.

Pink and black Jimmy Choo shoe box and high heel birthday cake (4)

Hints and tips I learnt

  1. When it’s really warm use a piece of card underneath the sole of the shoe in an appropriate colour to help with the structure.
  2. Put all the pieces together as quickly as possible before letting it stand to completely set, as playing with it once it starts to set only upsets it and can cause cracks.
  3. Provide support for the shoe whilst it is setting to help it keep its shape – I made a stand out of card and tape which I placed under the arch until it was set.

I really enjoyed making this cake even with the shoe troubles in the warm weather.  I hope Trisha had the best birthday ever and enjoyed eating cake to celebrate.

Pink and black Jimmy Choo shoe box and high heel birthday cake (3)
Pink and black Jimmy Choo shoe box and high heel birthday cake (1)

Chinese New Year celebrations at Williamson Art Gallery

Throughout February I headed to the Williamson Art Gallery to help out at some of their workshops.  They run a free drop in craft workshop every Saturday and do some amazing and fun activities which all ages can get involved in.  To celebrate the Chinese New Year they did shadow puppets and Chinese dragons.  Both groups I went to have a fantastic time and made some fabulous creations.

The shadow puppets were made using black card, scissors and a craft knife.  The designs were drawn on to the card then cut out, some with amazing detail.  Once ready we attached sticks to them and used pins to secure any sections that would be moving, acting as a pivot.  We then headed behind the screen and put on a fantastic shadow puppet play.


The Chinese dragons were so much fun to do, the group I helped out with got really involved and made so many different colours and sizes of dragons.  The dragon heads and tails were covered using colouring pens, card, shiny paper and tissue paper.  The bodies were created by folding two pieces of card together as a concertina then attached to the finished head and body.  A couple of sticks were attached and a Chinese dragon was created.  The group then paraded around the art gallery displaying their creations for all to see.