Guardians of the Galaxy birthday cake.

3 months of house work has meant no cake blogging, some time for a catch up!!


For anyone who has watched Guardians of the Galaxy will probably have also fallen in love with Groot!  When I was asked to make a Groot themed cake I was very happy to say yes!


I wanted to keep the cake design simple and decided to cover it in blue icing with stars, however instead of cutting out stars and sticking them on I decided to try spray painting them using edible spray paint.  I set up a spray area using a cardboard box as you will find when using these sprays that it does get everywhere!


I am groot guardians of the galaxy birthday cake (3)


I cut out a circle of paper with stars cut out of it and placed it on top of the cake, with a coller placed around the cake with more stars cut out of it.  I then placed the cake in the spray area and sprayed away!  It turned out ok for the first go.  I somehow may need to get the paper a little tighter around the cake to sharpen up the stars but I was really happy with how it turned out.


I am groot guardians of the galaxy birthday cake (2)

I had so much fun modelling Groot out of icing and since the cake has all been eaten Groot has sat in the birthday boys fridge so he can be seen everytime they open it for something!

I am groot guardians of the galaxy birthday cake (1)

Last few cakes made at Mill Lane

The Hours of Fun kitchen is now closed for a few weeks as we move house. Here is one of the last few cakes made in this kitchen.  I will be sad to say goodbye as this kitchen has been fantastic and has been home to lots of amazing cakes and where I have spent many hours learning new skills and trying new techniques.



A special birthday Disney cake

I was asked to make a very special birthday cake for an 18th birthday celebration.  The birthday girl is a big fan of Disney and in particular Beauty and the Beast.  Google images is a fantastic place to go for cake inspiration.  When searching for Beauty and the Beast cake ideas a lot of them are bright and colourful, with models of the various characters, however it was decided the cake needed to be a little more sophisticated and grown up with it being for an 18th.   Inspiration was taken from a black and white design that the customer had seen with a stunning red rose as the cake topper.  The design was agreed with the quote provided for the top of the cake.

Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast

The cake was an 8” red velvet sponge cake with vanilla buttercream filling and covered in white fondant icing.  Beauty and the Beast were drawn on the front of the cake using an edible black ink pen.  This cake design would have benefited from an airbrush, as creating the smudged look surrounding the drawn design was tricky using black edible ink and a sponge.  An airbrush kit is on my wish list but it is likely to be a little while before I can invest in one unfortunately!  The quote was written onto a piece of icing, again using the edible black ink pen and placed next to the beautiful red rose.  The rose was made from red fondant mixed with Tilo powder with green wire and florist tape used for the stem.  I love making flowers so I really enjoyed making this cake topper.  I have a order coming up at the end of the month which is a cake covered in flowers which I am super excited about making!

megans-18th-birthday-cake-beauty-and-the-beast-1 megans-18th-birthday-cake-beauty-and-the-beast-3

A few more delicious, made to order cakes

It has been so busy in the Hours of Fun kitchen we still have lots of cakes to share with you.  Here are three very different cakes made for three birthdays.


First up a cake for a karaoke loving birthday girl celebrating her 80th birthday.  Dressed in a gorgeous gold dress singing her heart out.  The cake topper was made from FIMO (oven baked modelling clay) and came with a box for it to be kept in as a forever keepsake.

The cake was a vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream filling, covered in fondant with wires curled to shoot out the top of the cake with edible stars.



Next up was a special cake for a little girl celebrating her 4th birthday.  This little girl was involved in the designn and after a few changes of theme and flavour it was decided to go for Sofia the First and chocolate sponge with chocolate filling.  Sofia the first and Clover were non-edible cake toppers which the birthday girl could keep and play with after all the cake had been eaten up.

Due to the size of the cake toppers a last minute change to the design was made, which the customer was happy to go with.  As this included a extra tier of cake for no extra charge I did a vanilla sponge as the birthday girl had been torn between the two flavours!  This was an elegant cake for a beautiful birthday girl.











Last up was a cake for a super gorgeous little boy turning 2 and he loves the Twirlywoos and he was getting the big red boat for his birthday.  The cake was a vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream shaped into the big red boat.  I modelled the Twirlywoo characters out of fondant and was super proud that the three quacky ducks perched on top of the boat stayed in place as this is often the challenge when modelling cake toppers from fondant for display on a cake!  I really enjoyed making this cake as it was so colourful and fun.





The birthday girl’s favourite Roald Dahl book as a cake!

It was my sister in law’s sister’s birthday party and it wasn’t just any old birthday party, it was to celebrate her turning 40 so a super duper cake was required.  We had a chat about themes and ideas and my sister in law suggested The Twits as that was the birthday girl’s favourite book as a child.   Without any hesitation I jumped on this idea as it sounded like so much fun to make.


The party was a surprise, so in secret we swapped messages as we both did a little research and remembered how fantastic the book is with so many fabulous things in it that we could include on the cake.

I baked a square 8″ lemon sponge and shaped it into a rectangle so it was now a book shape.  I ordered some printing from eat my face who are super quick and efficient at edible printing, this was to be used as the book cover.  I haven’t used rice paper for this type of edible printing before as I have always had the printing done on fondant.  It is good to experiment and I was keen to see how it worked.  If doing it again I would probably choose a book cover to be printed on icing as the rice paper has a tendency to curl up slightly at the edges, so doesn’t want to lie flat.  To combat it’s desire to curl I made a thin border out of strips of icing to frame the printed rice paper sheet and keep it in place.

I baked a 6″ lemon sponge cake which came out with a slight dome where it had risen – this was the perfect shape for a pie, I didn’t have to do anything to it other than slice it to layer it with buttercream.  I then covered it in coloured icing, which I then painted with liquid brown food colouring to give texture and colour.  I crimped the edges using a crimper tool.  I made birds legs from flower paste and left them to go hard overnight.  I then made a few holes in the top of the pie and slotted the legs into place – this created a fabulous Roly-Poly bird pie which I then placed on the board next to the book.



The Twits

This cake was so much fun to make and the birthday girl loved it.  I wasn’t there when she cut into it, but I had requested they got a photo of her eating the pie!!

Roly-Poly bird pie

eating pie

Punisher cake for a special Marvel fan turning 40

One of our friends has recently turned 40 (I have officially reached that stage in my live where 40 is the next big birthday for everyone!!).

He is a massive fan of The Punisher and this was to be the theme of the cake.

The main cake was chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream, baked as a 10″ square cake and cut into a rectangle.  I covered it in black icing and put it to one side whilst I did the cake topper.

The Punisher skull was made from homemade rice crispie marshmellows, covered in 2 layers of white icing with the detail made from black icing.  This was then placed on top of the cake.  I also made letters out of rice crispie marshmellows and covered them in 2 layers of white icing again.  This time the detail was created with red food colouring gel mixed with rejuvenator fluid, painted on to look like blood spilling down each letter.

For the finishing touch I used the red food colour mix to write ‘Happy 40th’ on the cake. I wanted to see if there was anything else that represented The Punisher so I spoke to my husband who is a massive Marvel fan himself.  I had identified a skull, blood and guns.  Apparently that is it and I didn’t see how a gun would fit into the design and be something I could write Happy 40th on!

Happy Birthday Dan, hope you had a super fantastic day 🙂

dans 40th birthday cake punisher (2)

dans 40th birthday cake punisher (1)

Bing Bunny birthday cake for a special 2 year old’s birthday

I was asked to make a Bing Bunny cake which meant it was time to tune in the telly and watch an episode or two – with us not having children I’m not always up to date with the current favourite programmes and love it when a cake theme comes along which I need to research!

This cake was made from a 10″ square vanilla sponge cake with a jam and buttercream filling.  The cake was carved into a shape of bunny, with pieces of icing rolled out and cut to size to create Bing.  I used a piece of netting I have in my cake kit to give texture to Bing’s dungarees.  I love making cakes like this, it would be my preference to shape the cake rather than model something for the top of the cake.

Bing Bunny
Bing Bunny


Catching up on cakes – first up Doc McStuffins

Due to various reasons (I won’t bore you with!) I have not blogged much over the last couple of months so it’s officially catch up time.

Hours of Fun has been busy in the kitchen making some fab cakes, the themes requested have been a real mixture and lots of fun.

This Doc McStuffins cake was for a little girl turning 3 who as you may have guessed – loves Doc McStuffin!

Doc McStuffins


The cake was a vanilla sponge with a lemon buttercream filling.   The Doc McStuffin bag was made from homemade marshmellow rice crispies, covered in icing and decorated.  The medical bits and bobs were modelled using ready roll icing.

Doc McStuffin herself was a not edible and it was a little treat for Grace to keep after the cake had all be eaten up.

doc mcstuffins 3rd birthday cake (3) doc mcstuffins 3rd birthday cake (2)

Back to the Future Wedding Cake

So the 21st of October 2015 was the date in Back to the Future II that Marty McFly and the Doc travelled to, from 1985.  Scott and Dave took this as their theme for their wedding and had asked for a Back to the Future themed wedding cake – this was going to be super exciting!!

The plans started coming together and the cake included a model of the delorean, a hover board with boots, the clock face from the famous clock tower and fimo models of the 2 grooms along with their pet dogs – it was jammed packed with character.

My friend Chris made the fimo models of the 2 grooms and the 2 dogs and they turned out super cute.

Fimo cake toppers
Fimo cake toppers


The delorean was made from homemade marshmellow rice crispies, covered in icing, with the detail then added.  It was lifted off the board slightly with the wheels turned so it looked like it as taking off.  A couple of LED lights were added to the back of the car too, which when set up reflected on the nearby wall and looked fantastic.

Lights for the Delorean
Lights for the Delorean


The hover board was made from icing mixed with tylo powder to give it the strength to keep its shape.  The boots were made from homemade marshmellow rice crispies and then covered in icing.  We also had the time display from the delorean printed onto edible icing with significant dates on it which sat behind the boots and board, again with another LED light pointing up at it.

Back to the future wedding cake Scott and Dave (17)

The fimo models were placed on the top tier of the cake with the clock face inbetween Scott and Dave, and we used another LED light behind the clock.

Back to the future wedding cake Scott and Dave (7)

This cake was so much fun to make and using LED lights in the cake design for the first time was alot of fun.  They are small twist on LED battery powered lights and they stay lit for hours and don’t get hot, so you position them, switch them on and step away.


I had to purchase a new tool for the cake which was a rainbow dust pearlescent white click-twice brush, this was to create the lightening effect detailed over each tier.  Sadly the brush was too thick to use to draw the lightening, however I simply squeezed some of the pearlescent dust out into a small tray, then using a very thin paint brush I added the detail and it worked brilliantly.

Good minion and evil minion despicable me cake

I was asked if I could do a Despicable me cake and was given a picture of a tiered cake that included a good minion and evil minion – I knew this cake would be fun to make!

I made the minion’s from 6″ and 8″ round cakes, however if I did it again I would make the good minion from 4″ round cake to make it taller and slimmer.

The eyes were made from white icing mixed with tylo powder to strengthen it up.  I rolled the icing out, cut a thin strip out and then wrapped it around the outside of a circle cutter and allowed it to set.  I also painted it silver whilst it was drying using silver glitter mixed with rejuvenating fluid and a paint brush.

Happy birthday Meghanne, hope you had a fantastic party and enjoyed your cake.

Homemade cake Hours of unf despicable me minion

Homemade cake Hours of unf despicable me minion

Minion with a cupcake!
Minion with a cupcake!

the most important, the most beautiful, the most magical… saggy old cloth cat in the whole wide world.

It was Lou Lou’s birthday coming up and time to plan her cake.  For the a couple of years now I had thought about making her a Bagpus cake, but due to different reasons it hadn’t happened yet, this was the year.

She makes such amazing cakes that I wanted to make her a super special cake and as a Bagpus fan it was perfect for her.  I designed it so Bagpus would be sat on his cushion to provide extra cake as I wasn’t sure how big he would end up and I wanted to make sure there was plenty of cake.

I had recently found a tutorial on Facebook and found some images of cakes and stills from the TV series to use as my guide.  He was made from two 8″ square cakes, both vanilla with one of them with pink colouring in which allowed me to stack them up to create a stripped effect inside the cake – a little surprise for Lou Lou when she cut into it!

I stacked the cakes and started to carve and I was happy with how it turned out.  I had a lot of fun adding the design to him, although the piping did test me as I am not the biggest fan and there was a lot to do, especially after I had made my Nephew’s cake which required the full cake to be icing in green to create a football pitch!

Happy Birthday Lou Lou.  I hope you loved your cake and I hope you enjoy eating it and sharing with your friends and colleagues.  You deserve an amazing cake for your birthday and you 100% should not be making it yourself!!