Back to the Future Wedding Cake

So the 21st of October 2015 was the date in Back to the Future II that Marty McFly and the Doc travelled to, from 1985.  Scott and Dave took this as their theme for their wedding and had asked for a Back to the Future themed wedding cake – this was going to be super exciting!!

The plans started coming together and the cake included a model of the delorean, a hover board with boots, the clock face from the famous clock tower and fimo models of the 2 grooms along with their pet dogs – it was jammed packed with character.

My friend Chris made the fimo models of the 2 grooms and the 2 dogs and they turned out super cute.

Fimo cake toppers
Fimo cake toppers


The delorean was made from homemade marshmellow rice crispies, covered in icing, with the detail then added.  It was lifted off the board slightly with the wheels turned so it looked like it as taking off.  A couple of LED lights were added to the back of the car too, which when set up reflected on the nearby wall and looked fantastic.

Lights for the Delorean
Lights for the Delorean


The hover board was made from icing mixed with tylo powder to give it the strength to keep its shape.  The boots were made from homemade marshmellow rice crispies and then covered in icing.  We also had the time display from the delorean printed onto edible icing with significant dates on it which sat behind the boots and board, again with another LED light pointing up at it.

Back to the future wedding cake Scott and Dave (17)

The fimo models were placed on the top tier of the cake with the clock face inbetween Scott and Dave, and we used another LED light behind the clock.

Back to the future wedding cake Scott and Dave (7)

This cake was so much fun to make and using LED lights in the cake design for the first time was alot of fun.  They are small twist on LED battery powered lights and they stay lit for hours and don’t get hot, so you position them, switch them on and step away.


I had to purchase a new tool for the cake which was a rainbow dust pearlescent white click-twice brush, this was to create the lightening effect detailed over each tier.  Sadly the brush was too thick to use to draw the lightening, however I simply squeezed some of the pearlescent dust out into a small tray, then using a very thin paint brush I added the detail and it worked brilliantly.

Care Bears and Lego Men – cake fun for family birthdays

Family birthday cakes are always lots of fun as I get to design them and play around with tins and techniques.  For my nephew’s birthday this year we were off to Lego Discovery Centre at the Trafford Centre so we had the themed planned already – Lego!

I did some research on the internet looking at ideas and narrowed it down to two designs; either Lego blocks stacked up with a Lego man on the board or a cake that looked like it was made up of lots of little Lego bricks with the icing peeled back to show a section.

I decided to go with the Lego blocks stacked as I really wanted to make a large Lego man with Luke written across his chest where it would normally say Lego.

I baked an 8” square vanilla sponge cake and cut it into 9 smaller blocks.  Each block of cake was covered in buttercream and then coloured icing, I used 9 different colours including chocolate flavoured brown icing which is made by Renshaw.  I had picked up a block when we visited the Cake International show in Birmingham and as Luke loves chocolate it was perfect for his cake.

I then used a circle cutter to cut out lots of coloured circles to make the top of the bricks and stuck them in place.  To add to the design I also covered the board in green icing and stuck green circles all over it to make it look like a Lego Board.  The finishing touch was a Lego man made out of icing mixed with a little Tylo powder to help keep him sturdy.

Lukes Lego block and lego man birthday cake

The other Birthday cake due was for my sister in law and we often like to go for 80’s and 90’s children’s TV themes and have so far made rainbow bright and button moon cakes.  This year it was to be Care Bears.  I was keen to use my bear tin again as I have only used it a few times and I need to practice more with the design and piping of it.  I baked the Bear using the Wilton tin and took to it with a knife to carve it a little to try and make it look more like a Care Bear.  I struggled with this as I didn’t want to cut off too much cake and as you bake the Bear with a central core inside it, when I started carving around its face I soon cut through to the hollow section and was then concerned the Bear may cave if I took too much away!

It was definitely the best bake I had done so far.  I have now confirmed the tin requires a mixture equal to the 8” square mixture I use.   This bear had full feet rather than the previous bears I had baked that were missing part of their feet, legs and bottom!

I decided to do Good Luck Bear with my sister in law being Irish and with it being the start of a new year it felt like a good choice.  I rolled out white icing and cut out the tummy section and the eyes and put them in place and then cut out a shamrock and glued that onto the white tummy piece.  I have found it is easier to do these sections first, before piping.  I then piped green buttercream all over the bear using a large grass piping tip.    I added a little extra buttercream to his cheeks to try to shape his face more like a Care Bear.

I am now happy I could do a good cake using my bear tin, however I feel my Care Bears may need a little more work on shape.  Practice is required on carving the bear’s shape and layers of piped buttercream, especially around the head area.

Fins Lucky bear care bear birthday cake using wilton bear tin

90’s themed cake for a special 30th Birthday party

With a wedding cake in the diary I thought it would be lots of fun to take on a few more cakes that week just to ensure it was super busy!  We couldnt make it to our cousin’s 30th birthday celebrations but I was determined to do her a cake for her party that fit in with the 90’s theme.

I had a few ideas, but the main factor to consider was that the cake would be driven down south to Emma’s and it had to be sturdy, nothing too complicated due to wedding cake commitment but still fab.

Emma had sent out invitations with the “i love the 90’s” sign on so this was to be the main design for the cake.

90s themed
90s themed

I had a lot of fun mixing lots of bright colours to make a checkered board.  To make the EMMA I rolled out each colour into a sausage shape and placed them side by side, then rolled them out flat.  It is very simple and creates a fab effect.

Emma had a fantastic party by all accounts and I hope she loved her cake too.